$500 Sublease wanted from June 27th (Grand Ave Pkwy, Pflugerville, Texas)

Hey, I'm moving to Pflugerville on June 27th after living in Lawrence, Kansas for 5 years. I work full time and also go to school (still in University of Kansan, but might transfer to UT Austin) as a full time student. So even though I won't be home most of the time on weekdays I prefer a place that I can come home to relax, so a home that's calm and relaxing preferably with no partying and no loud noise - perfect for a student who wants to study at home. I know it sounds boring but hey, that is what I'm looking for (even though Lawrence is a college town, someone got sued for hosting a party and some of the guest got into a fight! yeah!). I always check out the place I'm going to live in (in terms of location, neighborhood, landlord, etc.) and talk to my potential roommates before I sign a lease. But since I've never been to Pflugerville before, I think it is best if I stay at a sublet or sublease for a month or two before I decide to either continue living there or move to a different place. I've noticed the apartments and houses in Texas are relatively huge and so is the rent! But for another year or so my pay is good enough to live well in Kansas (relatively cheaper) so I can't even afford a good studio in Pflugerville so having a roommate is the only feasible solution I can think of. This means I can't afford more than $500 (at the most $600) including utilities. The closer I'm to work, the better (work address: Grand Avenue Parkway, Pflugerville).
I think it would be ideal if it is a two person apt. because any more than that I feel like it gets a bit crowded. I will consider three (the rent costs less for three), or four as an exception, but no more. I was in a three bed room apt. two summers back in Idaho and refrigerator was probably the only that was crowded.
*About me: I am a male graduate student at the University of Kansas (I'm done with my course work and I can do research at my work so I don't have to be physically be in Kansas, and hence the move to Pflugerville, where the company I work for also moved) and work full time. I don't smoke or do drugs of any kind, but drink occasionally (wheat beer, yeah!). I am quiet (no loud music, ever), keep to myself, respectful and responsible. It would be nice to have a roommate that I could hang out with as well, but not necessarily. I don't have a lot of free time because my work demands a lot of time. But I do try to find some free time and use it to go to the gym or watch movies. I like to keep the apt. clean, but not a clean freak by any means.
* What am I looking for in a roommate?: Well most of what follows this sentence is based on what I've learned these past four and a half years of living with roommates (the first year with one, the next three with another roommate, and next six months with my third roommate). So I am looking for someone who is clean, responsible, respectful, and one without loud music or TV. Also I don't have a TV because I use internet to watch all TV shows and movies so I won't share the cable fee (if you have cable) with you. If you have a TV I sincerely request you to keep the TV volume down (or if you like, keep it in your room), except when you have movie nights or guests over for sports, etc. Based on what I can afford and the extent to which I can push my comfort level, I prefer to keep the thermostat setting to 68, but no more than 70, in winter to save gas (I have a small electric room heater to heat my room, which is more economical than heating the whole house) and 78, but no less than 75, in summer (again, saves electricity and I have fan in my room to keep the rooms cool). But unlike Kansas, it doesn't snow in Pflugerville so I guess the heating bill in winter won't be an issue. But it gets hot in summer and the electricity bill will be high! This may seem like too much to ask or even put out in the ad, but I am trying to be open and honest right now so that we don't have any issues later on. So this may be like a professional setting so that we can both be happy and respect each other's interests and way of living. Based on this ad I may appear as an adamant, no fun, boring guy, but once you meet me, you'll get to know the real me which is different from what you might expect from this ad (I am nice guy, really!) :)
*Previous Experience with my roommates: I've had three roommates in the past. The first one for one year, after which he moved to his own place 'cause he wanted to get married. He was a good roommate -- responsible and respectful. My second roommate was for three years after which he graduated and moved to Kansas City. He is the best roommate I ever had and hope for similar if not the same (we were like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson--the book, not the latest movie)! He was kind of clean, but more important, responsible (he was responsible for electricity and internet and any problem, he would take care of it, just like I did with gas and water), respectful (we respected and learnt each other's differences in lifestyle and talked and discussed about decisions and other things related to living), and mutual understanding. The third roommate was only for six months after which he moved to Washington DC for an internship (and I had the whole place to myself for next six months!). But he wasn't good, i.e. someone I would not like to be roommates with. He was irresponsible, i.e. if there was a problem that he was responsible for fixing he did not even after several polite requests (he still owes me about $120 for his share of the utilities!), and very disrespectful and worst of all I could not even communicate with him! I mean if I have a problem I usually like to talk and discuss so that there is no misunderstanding and I believe it also helps resolve issues. But he refused to talk or even text/email (I tried several means to communicate) and several times I had to ask him if something that I do (like I used to work out in the living room) was a problem, if yes I can make changes. I don't even want to start listing the things he used to do to my stuff without asking me just because he felt so! Sorry about bithcing about my former roommate but just wanted to say that if you are not responsible and respectful then we should probably not be roommates. If you want, I would be more than happy to give you the email of my second roommate (whom I stayed with for 3 years) as my reference.
So in short, I'm looking for some I can get along pretty well. We don't have to be close friends or hang out, at the same time something not extreme like not talk to one another at all; hoping for a balance in-between. I would be more than happy to talk about science, engineering, computer coding, movies, cars, shooting, astronomy, martial arts, etc. So I'm thinking like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, maybe?! :P :D This is how it was with my second roommate! But this does not happen often so I do understand that a new roommate would be a whole new experience and I hope for the best.
If you have made it this far, then I appreciate you taking the time to go through this long long post. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon, send me an email. I'll give you my phone number if you wish to talk to. Thanks.
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