Q. What are favorites?
A. A list of postings you'd like to keep handy for further review, or for sharing with others.

Q. How do I put a posting on my favorites list?
A. Click the small star to the left of the posting title (upper left in grid view). It should turn yellow.

Q. How do I access my favorites?
A. Once you have added one or more postings to your list, a yellow-highlighted "favorites" link should appear at upper right.

Q. How do I remove a post from my favorites list?
A. Click the star again - on the ad itself, on your favorites page, or on an index or search results page. It should turn light gray.

Q. I switched computers, where are my favorites?
A. Favorites lists reside with the browser used to create it. If you use a different computer, or different browser on the same computer, you won't see them.

Q. How can I transfer my favorites list to another computer, or to someone else?
A. Copy the web address (URL) for your favorites page, and send it by email or other means.

Q. My favorites list seems to have disappeared.
A. Favorites lists are stored on your computer as a temporary internet file. If you delete it, or your system deletes it, your favorites will be lost.

Q. I can't find one of my favorites on the list. Where did it go?
A. Postings that expire or are otherwise deleted from the site will be removed from your list as well.

Q. How do I share my favorites with friends?
A. Send them the web address (URL) for your favorites page. They can click the gray stars to add them to their own favorites page if they like.

Q. I can't find my favorites from another craigslist site I browse.
A. Favorites are site-dependent, which means you will only see the favorites you've chosen for the site you're currently browsing. If the post you're looking for is on another site, you will need to navigate to that  site to see it on your favorites page.