Editing and deleting craigslist posts
If you have already completed editing or deleting a post and the changes aren't appearing, try refreshing the page.

Editing or deleting posts submitted through a craigslist account

If you submitted your post through a craigslist account, you can edit or delete your posts via the links on your account homepage:

Free edit via account homepage.

Editing or deleting posts submitted without a craigslist account

Check the POST/EDIT/DELETE email you received when your post was first submitted.

If you no longer have access to that email, you can activate an account by choosing a password for your email address. Use the following link to do so: https://accounts.craigslist.org/reset. Posts made with your email address should show up automatically in the account. Once you are logged in, you can manage the posts made with that address.

Confirmation email title viewed from inbox.

This email contains a link that will take you to your post's manage page.

Confirmation email.

Use the buttons on the manage page to administer your post.

Free post management options.