Female Singer (Dripping Springs)

151 Purcell Pl near Hwy 290

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Ok here's the sad story...I'll only whine once about this, but to be fair you need to know the "Why" Ok So I have been diagnosed with cancer and will begin chemo and radiation treatments in a week or so. My life long passion has always been music. I play guitar, bass, drums and choppy piano. And I used to sing, However the cancer has silenced my voice and its heart breaking. I am NOT a professional, this is my coping tool thoughout life, I am passionate about it. Im not looking for a professional, just a passionate singer. I write my own music or love doing parodys. I do love the Lord and usually foind a way to honor Him in my songs. I think my voice being silent has something to do woth the duplicity in which I have been living my life for a while now. So Im a bad boy gone good or trying. This is NOTfor a hookup or romantic relationship, I am starved for a musical companion. Nothing soothes my soul more that making or playing music. I'll put a link to some of the stuff I recorded on reverbnation so you can hear what I used to sound like. My voice may return at the end of the cancer treatments...we;ll see. Dont feel sorry for me, my cancer is curable. Any ways hit me up and lets see how we jive!

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