4 BBL Steam Fired Turnkey Brewery - $69000 (Albuquerque)


make / manufacturer: Bridgetown Brew Systems/Others

4 BBL Steam fired turnkey brewery, fermenters and brites available...
The title says it all! This brewery has produced award winning beers simply and efficiently for 3 years. The brewery has been decommissioned due to a traffic accident and building damage to the restaurant portion of the building. The brewery has been disassembled by a licensed contractor. It has been packed up and is currently in clean storage. It is available for shipping from the Albuquerque metropolitan area at the sellers’ expense.

This brewery will produce the first batch of beer on a brew day in 5 hours, with subsequent brews taking a mere 3 hours per brew. Therefore, you can triple batch in 11 hours total, from unlocking to walking out the door, for a typical beer with one-hour mash time and one-hour boil time. In the current configuration, annual production of 700 BBLs is achievable with a capacity of 2600+ BBLs a year in reach with additional fermentation capacity. The system is turnkey, and we would prefer to sell it as a complete system.

Asking 69K or a reasonable offer will be considered. Feel free to contact me at the info below for any questions, concerns or additional details.

Contact info:
Greg Villareal, phone show contact info .
Now for the details:
√ 1 qty – Control panel for kettles with 3 PLC digital controllers, accurate to +1 degree/-0.5 degree F.
√ 1 qty – Insulated, steam jacketed mash/lauter tun with false bottom and front manway, thermocouples and valves. Heated tun allows for multi-step mashing. Bridgetown Brew Systems.
√ 2 qty – Insulated, steam jacketed boil/whirlpool/hot liquor kettles with internal calandria’s, thermocouples and valves. Lids and CIP ball included. Bridgetown Brew Systems.
√ 1 qty – Slant Fin steam NG boiler, 250 k/btu, provides sufficient capacity to drive both boil kettles simultaneously at up to 5000’ altitude.
√ All steam header process piping, condensate receiver tank and pump, vacuum breakers, insulation, etc… Everything you need to have a code compliant installation on the hot side.
√ 1 qty – Control panel for fermenter/unitanks with 3 PLC digital controllers, accurate to +0 degree/-.4 degree F.
√ 1 qty – Insulated, glycol jacketed 10 BBL fermenter/unitank with front manway, top hop port, thermocouple and valves. Enough head space to hold 12 BBL. PRV and CIP ball included.
√ 1 qty – Insulated, glycol jacketed 7 BBL fermenter/unitank with front manway, top hop port, thermocouple and valves. PRV and CIP Ball included. Enough head space to hold 8 BBls.
√ 1 qty – Insulated, glycol jacketed 7 BBL fermenter/unitank with top manway, thermocouple and valves. You will appreciate this tank with big dry hopped beers and those with multiple dry hop additions. PRV and CIP ball included. Enough head space to hold 8 BBLs.
√Majority of glycol process piping, insulation, differential pressure bypass valve, etc… to get you up and running (you may need more or less based on your equipment layout).
√ 3 qty – Non-jacketed 7 BBL brite tanks with front manways, carb stones, valves and accessory ports. PRV and CIP balls included.
√ 1 qty – 3 sq/m single stage stainless heat exchanger with sight glass and oxygenation stone.
√ 1 qty – 1.5HP, 3 phase, 208 V, glycol chiller with 45 gallon reservoir. Sufficient capacity to cold crash all 3 fermenters to 40 F at the same time over a 24 hour period.
√ 1 qty – 3 phase compressor and single phase evaporator coils, 2 ton, 3 phase, 208V, for ~13'x16’ walk in cooler
√ 2 qty – 1 HP CPE portable stainless pumps with single phase, 120V, VFD drives and 1 ½” triclover fittings.
√ 1 qty – 2 HP Specific Mechanical portable stainless pump with 3 phase, 208V, VFD drive and 1 ½” triclover fittings.
√ 1 qty – Rinnai NG 300k btu tankless high temp (115-185F) water heater, used for strike, sparge or cleaning and washdown water.
√ 1 qty – Keg cleaning and filling adapter for use with brite tanks.
√ ~10 qty – CO2/Nitrogen regulators
√ 2 qty – 275 gallon IBC totes used for cold liquor with automatic water makeup.
√ 1 qty – Commercial deep sink with drain board, faucet and prerinse spray head.
√ ~20 qty – Additional triclover clamps.
√ ~20 qty – Additional triclover silicone gaskets.
√ ~100’ – 1” and 1 ½” brewers hose with removable 1 ½” stainless triclover hose barbs.
√ 1 qty – 8 head chrome, glycol cooled draft tower.

This is absolutely everything you will need to get yourself out of the gates brewing quickly. You will need to supply natural gas, water, 120/208V, 3 phase power and floor drains.

Would be willing to provide some instructions and recipes as well if a deal can be reached.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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