Cash Paid for Comic Graphic Novel Books

I am looking to purchase almost all comic book graphic novels.

Graphic novels are the books that reprint comic book stories. They can be hard cover or softcover, relatively thin, smaller digest size, comic size (but thicker), or huge thick omnibus hard covers. Whichever size and format you have, I'll buy them all! Graphic novels usually have an ISBN number in the bar code on the back cover, like normal fiction books. Actual comic magazines don’t have these - they just have a UPC number in the bar code.

I pay way more than any used book store or any comic book store - often comic book stores won’t even buy these. My offer per book depends on what titles you have and condition. Here’s a small list of some of the titles I am most actively seeking but I will consider almost any graphic novel that exists, and most books about comic book collecting, the comic industry, or comic book writers and artists.

I buy….

All DC Showcase titles $5-$10+ each
All Marvel Essentials titles $5-$10+ each
All Marvel Masterworks hardcover titles $10-$20+ each
All Marvel Masterworks paperback titles $5-$10+ each
All PS Artbook Golden Age comic reprint titles $5-$10+ each
All Marvel and DC Omnibuses $15-$50+ each
All Marvel Epic Line paperbacks $8-$20+ each
All Conan titles $3-$5+ each
All Star Trek titles @ $1-$5+ each
All Star Wars titles @ $1-$5+ each
All Transformers @ $1-$5+ each
All Aliens @ $1-$5+ each
All Predator @ $1-$5+ each
All Spawn @ $1-$5+ each
All BPRD @ $1-$5+ each
All HellBoy @ $1-$5+ each
All Invincible @ $1-$5+ each
All GI Joe @ $1-$5+ each
All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles @ $1-$5+ each
All Red Sonja @ $1-$5+ each
All Godzilla @ $1-$5+ each
All Buffy the Vampire Slayer @ $1-$5+ each
All Angel @ $1-$5+ each
All Planet of the Apes @ $1-$5+ each
Almost all Marvel and DC Superhero titles @ $1-$5+ each
All mainstream character like Batman, Superman, X-Men, Green Lantern, Avengers, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, etc
Most DC Vertigo Titles @ $1-$5+ each
Many independent titles (from Dark Horse, Valiant, IDW, Boom, Image, and more)
Most books about comics and comic collecting
Most books related to Doctor Who (graphic novels and paperback fiction) $1-5 each
Most Manga

I can buy 1 good graphic novel or 10,000 or more at a time. Multiple copies of a single book are usually ok

Condition: good condition preferred, minor basic shelf and handling wear usually fine. I do consider lower condition books, including ex-library editions, but my offer will be adjusted accordingly.

I can also buy your entire collection, including actual comic books, if you just want to unload everything to one person. Or better yet, sell me the graphic novels and I can provide free consultation on your comic books - giving you access to my 30-year expertise on where best to sell them to get the most money with the least work. I have 200+ longboxes of comics in storage, and have bought and sold them for almost 30 years. I can definitely help you sell your comics, while you help me grow my graphic novel collection. Have thousands of graphic novels and want to make a trade for thousands of comic books instead? Let's make a deal!

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