Far Side mug collection - 52 mugs - $450 (Anderson Mill near RM 620)

12503 Painted Bunting Dr.

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Far Side mug collection -- 52 mugs, far too many to show individual photos of each one -- most in "as new" condition (some with boxes, never used), plus several duplicates. Some of these mugs sell individually on eBay for as much as $50 each! Please do not bother making "low ball" offers for this collection. Cash, Paypal or Venmo.

I have had this collection for sale for more than a year without success as a group, so now I am ready to sell individual mugs (but be aware that I will price each one for one dollar less than the lowest price currently being offered for the same mug on eBay). Available mugs listed below:

--Wonker Wieners (yellow interior) (in box)
--Kitty pressed up against window (cracked but in box)
--"We don't have to be just sheep!" (in box)
--Midvale School for the Gifted (in box)
--"Say Cheese" Water Buffalo targeting photographer (in box)
--Ralph Harrison - King of Salesmen (in box)
--The Other Side (of the road) - Chicken about to cross (in box)
--"We're just not reaching that guy" - devil's comment (new in box)
--African Dawn (various animals sitting around drinking coffee) (in box)
--Angel on cloud - "Should have brought a magazine" (in box)
--Institute for the Study of Emotional Stress (blue interior) (in box)
--Bluebird of happiness . . . Chicken of Depression
--Jazz at the Wool Club
--Bummer of a Birthmark (chipped rim)
--Bears in gun sight cross-hairs (Black and White)
--"That settles it Carl . . Decaffeinated Coffee" (Black and White)
--"That settles it Carl . . Decaffeinated Coffee" (Blue Pants)
--"What we say to cats . . . what they hear" (Black & White)
--"What we say to cats . . . what they hear" (Color)
--"What we say to dogs . . . what they hear"
--Crisis Clinic (on fire) going over waterfall
--Business Lunch
--Arts and Leisure" section" (yellow interior & handle)
--Cow on shrink's couch - "Maybe it's not me . . maybe it's the rest of the herd"
--The Angel of Migraines
--First Pants, then Shoes
--Goldfish escaping from a burning fish bowl (chip on rim)
--"Fax from your dog . . . it's your cat"
--"Screw the Limit!" (grey sky)
--Your People . . . My People (chipped rim)
--"She's lookin' good, Vern"
--I 8 NY
--Nerds in hell
--" . . It's one or the other" (Damned if you do, damned if you don't) (2 small chips at rim)
--Nightmare Chuck - still in hell
--Nervous little dogs prepare for their day
--Boneless chicken ranch
--Morning face
--Cows in car (people grazing) saying "Yakity, yak, yak, yak"
--Laboratory peer pressure
--Frog tongue stuck to airplane
--Einstein discovers that time actually is money (brown coat)
--Einstein discovers that time actually is money (white coat)
--"What to do, what to do"
--Rattle your cage
--Life Among the Clover
--Before starting their day, squirrels must first pump themselves up
--Fruit cakes of the World
--Scientists rushing out for ice cream truck (black)
--Devil and Angel on opposing escalators (black)
--The cat's away and you're all so dead serious. (black)
--Caffeine limits of the old west (black)

To see any of them, phone my cell (4six9)438-235six [but due to so many scammers now on Craigslist no texts - texts will not be answered!]. I will remove individual mugs from the list as they are sold off, and adjust the price of the remaining collection accordingly.

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