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My name is Zack. I'm the founder of Code For Cash, a recruiting & executive search firm focused passionately and exclusively on software engineering. Our mission is to help companies bridge the talent gap and hire high quality developers to push their products and services forward.

We recently staffed a CTO position with an ex-Google, ex-Amazon technical lead. We have placed engineers at REMAX, Lever Data, Drive Sally, PINCHme, Bluedrop Performance Learning, and more.

Staffing software engineering roles is hard. Having 20 years of experience as an engineer myself, I have insider knowledge on how to best market job positions to engineers. In addition, we run a freelance gig search service and thus have a community with over 2000 software engineers. We have a large network we can leverage to help companies find engineering talent.

These are all the technologies that the members of our network have experience with. This was literally taken from our MySQL database:

=> api, asp, c , c# , c++, c9 , cad, cd , ci , cms, coq, cpu, crm, cro, cs , csp, css, csv, cto, d3 , db2, dba, dcs, dev, dns, dsp, dw , ebs, ec2, ejb, elm, emr, ems, end, es6, es7, es8, etl, f# , for, frp, gce, gcp, gis, git, go , gtk, gtm, gui, gwt, ha , hmi, hpc, htm, hug, i2c, i2s, ibm, iib, iis, ioc, ios, iot, iso, it , j , jcl, jee, jpa, jr , js , js., jsf, jsp, jss, jvm, kdb, koa, lex, lua, mac, mir, ml , mle, mpi, mq , mvc, mvp, mys, net, nlp, noo, npm, nsq, nw , nxp, oop, ops, osx, otp, p5 , pcb, phl, php, pil, pip, plc, ppc, psd, pwa, py , qa , qnx, qt , r , rds, rf , ror, ros, rpc, rwd, s3 , sap, sas, sec, seo, sh , sip, sms, soa, soc, spa, spi, sqf, sql, sqs, ssh, ssr, stl, svn, tcp, tdd, tfs, tft, ti , tpl, ts , ug , ui , uix, unity , uwp, ux , vb , vba, viu, vps, vr , vue, wai, wcf, web, wfo, wix, wpf, www, x++, xml, xsd, yed, yii, zf2, (digital, . net, .net, .net 4.0^, .net core, .net, sql server, javascript, typescript, .net-core, .netcore, 0348, 2d design, 3d, 3d design, 3d modeling, 3d modelling, a, abap, access, accessibility, actionscript, active directory, activecampaign, activiti, actor model, add-ins, admin, admob,, adobe, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, adonis, adonis.js, adonisjs, adtech, advertising, adwords, agile, ai, airflow, aix, ajax, ajax/json, akka,, albanian, alexa, alexa skill kit, alexa skills, alexaskills, alfresco, algorithm, algorithms, algoritms, allen bradley, amazon, amazon web services, amazon-mws, amazon-web-services, amazonlex, ambari, amber, amzone, analyist, analysis, analyst, analytics, andriod app development, androi, android, android development, android studio, android-sdk, androidsdk, androidstudio, angular, angular 2, angular material, angular-cli, angular-material, angular.js, angular2, angular4, angular6, angularjs, animation, ansible, ant, apache, apache spark, apache-beam, apache-impala, apache-spark, apache-wicket, apache2, apex, api, api development, api integration, api-development, apis, apollo, app, app development, app extensions, app store, apple, apple search ads, application, applications, applied, apps, apps., appscript, ar, arcgis, architect, architecture, architecture, infrastructure, networking, storage, functions, logic apps, web services, cost optimization, reliability, scalability, iaas, paas, business continuity, deployment, security, servicefabric containers, migration, hybrid, agile, cloud architecture and technology, scalability, application architecture, software system design, saas, c#, .net, wcf, xml, web services, iis,, multi-threading and async, performance, debugging, integration, security, digital certificates, soa, payments technology, sql query optimization, agile, tfs, refactoring, devops, continuous integration, ms test, oo design, database design, windows server, sql server, oracle, javascript, ssis, uml, networking, jquery, server administration, stored procedures, infrastructure design, infrastructure design, quality assurance, ivr, rules engines, web api, ioc, design patterns, .net core, git, mvc, razor, virtual machines, jira, sharepoint, oauth, sql server database administration, entity framework, html 5, java, j2ee, sockets, regular expressions, reporting services, ajax, php, windows workflow, business intelligence, git, containers, angular 2+, continuous deployment, typescript, css, react, bootstrap, arduino, arkit, arm, artificial intelligence, artificialintelligence, artoolkit, asana, asic, ask, asm, asp, asp .net, asp-net, asp-net-mvc,, core, mvc, web api, web forms, asp.netmvc, aspnet, aspnet_mvc, aspnetcore, assembler, assembly, atlassian, audio, audio_processing, augmented reality, aurelia, aureliajs, austin,, autohotkey, automate, automation, avada, aw, aws, aws-iot, ax, azure, babel, back end, back-end, backbone, backbone.js, backbonejs, backend, backend android java, backend developer, backtesting, backup, bash, basic, batch, batch_scripts, bdd, beaglebone, beautifulsoup, beginner, berkeleydb, bi, big, big data, big-data, bigdata, bigmemorygo, bigquery, bimserver, bio, bioinformatics, biology, bitbucket, bitcoin, bitnami, blackhat, blender, blockchain, blocks, blogging, bluemix, blueprintjs, bluetooth, boost, boot, bootstap, bootstrap, bootstrap3, bootstrap4, bot, bower, braintree, brochure, browser, bt, btle, buchman, bulma, business analysis, business continuity, business intelligence, businessintelligence, butterknife, buzzword, by, byond, c, c#, c# python iot, c++, c++11, c++14, c++17, c++1y, c, c++,java, perl, cad, cakephp, calculus, call, camunda, cannabis, canvas, carlo, carthage, cassandra, cc1310, cd, celery, centos, cfbuilder, chai, chart, chart.js, chat bot, chatbot, chatbots, cheap, chef, chimp, chimp.js, chrome apis, chrome extensions, ci, ci/cd, circleci, circuit, cjnmbdcf9220n0106e68t4vfo, claims adjust, clickhouse, client, client-side, clist, clojure, clojure clojurescript, clojurescript, cloud, cloud functions, cloudera, cloudfare, cloudfoundry, clustering, cmake, cms, coaching, cobol, cocoapods, codeigniter, coder, codeship, coding, coffeescript, cognitive services, coldfusion, commerce, communicating-sequential-processes, communication, compilers, computer vision, concurrency, confluence, consultant, content-marketing, continuous integration, continuous-integration, continuum, contract, contractual, copywriting, cordova, core, core data, core location, coredata, corenlp, coreos, cost-effectiveness, couchbase, couchdb, craft, craft cms, crawl, crawler, createjs, creativecoding, critical thinking, critical-thinking, crm, cro, cron, cross platform, cross-platform, cross-platfrom, crossfilter, crud, crypto, crypto-currency, cryptocurrency, cryptography, crystal, cs, csharp, css, css animation, css html5, css3, css_animation, css_transition, cssframeworks, csv, cto, cucumber, custom, custom plugin, custom themes, customization, cyber, cython, d3, d3.js, d3js, daemontools, dart, dartlang, dashboard, dashboarding, dashboards, data, data analy, data analysis, data analyst, data analytics, data architecture, data engineering, data forensics, data mining, data science, data scientist, data structures, data visual, data visualization, data warehouse, data warehousing, data-analysis, data-science, dataanalysis, database, database architecture, databases, datasci, datascience, datasciience, datascript, dataviz, datawarehouse, datomic, db2 for i, db2 web query for i, dba, ddi, debian, deep learning, deep-learning, delevoper, delphi, demandware, deployment, design, design agency, desktop, dev, develop, developer, development, devops, dhangorestframework, dhcp, dhtmlx, dialogflow, digital marketing, digital ocean, digital transformation, digitalmarketing, digitalocean, disaster recovery, discrete, dispensary, distributed, distributed computing, distributed systems, distributed-systems, dita, divi, django, django python, django rest api, djangorestframework, djbdns, djinni, dns, docbook, docker, docker swarm, document datastore, documentation, dojo, domain-specific languages, dot net, dotnet, dotnet core, dotnetcore, dovecot, dreamweaver, dropbox, drupal, dustjs, dw, dynamics, dynamics-crm, dynamo, dynamodb, e-commerce, e-commmerce, eagle, easy language, ebs, ec2, eclipse, ecmascript, ecmascript6, ecommerce, education, educationtechnology, ehcache, ejb, elastic, elastic beanstalk, elastic search, elasticity, elasticsearch, elearning, electrical, electron, electronics, elixir, elk, elm, emacs, email, embedded, embedded systems, ember, ember.js, emberjs, ems, encompass, encrypt, encryption, end, engine, engineering, enig3efe), entity framework, entity-framework, entityframework, entry-level, enyo, enzyme, erlang, es2015, es2016, es2017, es6, ethereum, etl, etl scripts, europe, eventscalendar, evernote, excel, exchange, experience, experienced, expert, express, express.js, expressjs, ext js, extjs, f#, facebook, facebook ads, facebook api, factorytalk, ffmpeg, finance, financial, fintech, fiori, firebase, firewalls, firmware, five-rung, flash, flask, flexbox, flutter, flux, formal methods, fortran, foundation, fpga, framer, framework, free lance, freebsd, freelance, front, front end, front-end, front-end developer, frontend, full stack, full stack app developer, full-stack, full-time, fullstack, functional, functional programming, functional testing, fusion360, game, game development, game programming, gamedesign, gamedev, gamemaker, games, ganglia, garden, gcloud, generation, generative, genomics, geojson, geolocation, geoserverjavaee, geotools, gerrit, gis, git, git flow, git hub, git/bash, github, gitlab, glassfish, go, go, golang, kotlin, nodejs, java, php, postgresql, jwt, mongodb, golang, google, google analytics, google apps script, google assistant, google cloud, google home, google map integration, google maps, google play, google tag manager, google-guice, googleapi, googlecloud, googlemaps, grails, graphic design, graphic-design, graphql, graphs, groovy, group, grpc, grunt, gson, gstreamer, gui, guice, gulp, h.264, ha, hack, hacking, hadoop, hadoop ecosystem, halogen, haml, hanami, handlebars, handlebars.js, hapi, hapijs, haproxy, hardware, haskell, haxe, hbase, hdfs, healthcare, heroku, hibernate, high availability, high performance, highcharts, hive, home warranty, homepage, hosting, houston, hpricot, hstore, htm, htm5, html, html css javascript react js bootstrap material design, html/css, html5, http, https, hubspot, hybrid, hybrid app, i18n, ibatis, ibm, ibm iib, ibm watson, iconography, idms, iis, illustrator, im a stusent with only 2 monts to go . im good at java , feel gret about my dql. aorking on python and my sql at the moment, image processing, image_processing, imap, impala, industrial, inferno, infinispan, information arquitecture, informix, infosec, infrastructure-as-code, innovator, instagram api, integration, intelligence, intellij, interaction design, interactive brokers, intercom, interface, interfaces, intern, internet, internet of things, internship, invision, ionic, ionic-framework, ionic3, ios, iot, ipad, ipam, iphone, iplanet, ipsec, ipython, iso, it, itext-pdf, j, j2ee, j2me, jango db, japanese, jason, jasper, java , java script, java spring rest hibernate, java8, javaee, javafx, javamail, javascri, javascript, javascrpt, javase, jaxrs, jboss, jdbc, jdo, jekyll, jenkins, jest, jesus, jira, jmeter, joomla, jpa, jquery, jquery mobile, jquery-ui, js, js., jsartoolkit, jsf, json, jsp, jtag, junior, junit, jupyter, jupyter notebook, jupyterlab, kafka, kali, kanban, kdb+, kendo, kendoui, keras, kicad, kinco, kindle, kintone, kiosk, knockout, knockoutjs, knowledge management, kockout, kockout.js, kohana, kotlin, kotling, kubernetes, labview, ladder logic, lambda, lamp, landing, landingpage, language, laravel, lasagne, ldap, leadership, leaflet, learning, legacy, less, level, leveldb, lex, libgit2, liferay, lightning, lighttpd, linq, linux, linx, liquid, lisp, listify, llvm, load, loadbalancing, logi, logo, logo design, looker, looking, loopback, losangeles, lowjs, lua, luigi, mac, machine, machine learning, machine-learning, machinelearning, machinlearning, macos, magento, magnolia, mailchimp, mailfront, mailgun, maintenance, maker, manager, manual testing, mapbox, mapreduce, maps, maria, mariadb, marionette, marketing, marketing agency, markets, markup, material, material design, materialize, materialize.css, materialui, mathematics, matlab, matplotlib, maven, mean, mean.js, meetup, memcache, mern, messenger bot, messengerbots, metasploit, meteor, meteor js, meteor.js, microelectronics, microservice, microservices, microsoft, microsoft office, microsoft sql, middleman, middleware, mindtouch, minig, minimal, minimum viable product, mips, mithril, mjml, ml, mle, mlkit, mobile, mobile app, mobile app development, mobile-app, mobile-ui, mobileappdevelopment, mobx, mocha, mock ups, mock-ups, mockup, mockups, modicon, mongo, mongodb, mongoose, monogdb, monogodb, monte, moodle, mpi, mq, mqtt, mssql, multimedia, multithreading, multivariate statistics, music, mvc, mvc5, mvp, mvvm, mys, mysql, mysql/mariadb, nagios, nancyfx, nanny, native, natural, natural language processing, ncrack, neo4j, net, network administration, networking, neural networks, next, next.js, nginx, ngrx, nhibernate, nixos, nlp, nltk, nmap, node, node js, node-red, node.js, nodejs, nodes, noejs, non profit, non-profit, nonprofit, nosql, npm, nuget, numenta, numerical, numpy, nunit, nuxt, nw, nw.js, oauth, objc, object oriented design, object-oriented, objective c, objective-c, objectivec, oc4j, odoo, office, office.js, oh-my-zsh, oled, om-next, on-site, onsen, onsenui, onsite, oop, oops, openapi, openbsd, opencart, opencv, openface, openfl, openframeworks, opengl, openlayers, openmp, openstack, operating-systems, ops, optimization, oracle, oracle 11g, oracleforms, orientdb, osint, p5, packer, pages, paid search, panda, pandas, parse, parse server, part time, part-time, pascal, passport, patterns, payment, payment integration, penetration testing, pentest, performance, performance-marketing, perl, personalization, peter, petl, pgadmin, pgrounting, phalcon, phantomjs, phaser, phoenix, phone, phonegap, photoshop, php, php7, phpdocumentor, phppgmyadmin, phpunit, physical security, physics, phyton, pig, pil, pl/i, pl/sql, play, plc, plc programming, please, plone, plsql, plugin, portaudio, portfolio, postcss, postgis, postgis , postgres, postgresql, postgressql, postrgresql, pouchdb, power, powerbi, powerpc, powershell, ppc, ppc advertising, preact, predictive analytics, prism, problem-solving, process improvement, processing, product design, programmer, progrsmmer, project management, project-management, prolog, prometheus, promises, proofreading, prototype, prototyping, protractor, psd to html, psql, pulsar, puppet, purescript, py, pyaudio, pygrametl, pyhton, pymongo, pyqt, pyramid, pyspark, python, python c c++ java programming, pytorch, píčo, qa, qmail, qt, quant, quantitative, quantitative finance, queue, quiljs, qunit, r, r cran, r studio, rabbitmq, rails, ramda, ramdjs,, raspberry pi, ratpack, ravendb, rblsmtpd, rdbms, rds, re-frame, reacjs, react, react js, react mobile, react native, react storybook, react-native, react-redux, react.js, reactivecocoa, reactjs, reactnative, reagent, real-time, realm, reasonml, red hat, redhat, redhat server, redis, redshift, redux, reflex-frp, regex, relational, relational database, relational databases, remote, repl-driven-development, report, reporting, research, responsive, responsive design, responsivedesign, rest, rest api, rest assured, rest-assured, restapi, restful, restify, reverse engineer, reverse engineering, rexx, rf, rhel, riny, robotics, root, ror, ros, rshiny, rspec, rtmp, ruby, ruby on rails, rubyonrails, rudy, rust, rxjava, rxjs, rxswift, s3, saas, sailsjs, salesforce,, saltstack, sap, sapui5, sas, sass, sbt, scada, scala, scalability, scenekit, scheme, sci-kit, science, scikit, scikit learn, 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travis ci, travisci, trello, truffle, ts, tsql, tsql], tvos, twig, twilio, twisted, twitter api, typescript, typography, ubuntu, ubuntu server, ue4, ug, ui, ui testing, ui/ux, uikit, uiux, unicorn, unit testing, unity3d, unix, unix/linux, unreal, usart, user, user experience, user interface, user-interface, userexperience, userinterface, uwp, ux, vaadin, vagrant, vb,, vba, vc++, verilog, vert.x, vertica, vertx, virtual it, virtualreality, visual basic, visual c++, visual studio, visual studio 2015, visualbasic, visualcomposer, visualization, visualstudio, viual, vlsi, vmware, voicechat, vr, vscode, vue, vue-js, vue.js, vuejs, vuex, w3schools, wagtail, wamp, watchos, watson, wcf, web, web accessibility, web api, web app, web app development, web application, web design, web dev, web developer, web development, web scraping, web-api, web-crawling, web-design, web-developer, web3, webapi, webapi database .net angular mssql rest, webapi2, webapp, webdes, webdesign, webdeveloper, 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transitions, ux, ui

We are excited about helping companies fill their available technical roles. If you’d like to see an overview of our process, you can read our article on TechCrunch:



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