Track-prepped 2011 Lexus IS-F - $24,900 (Parmer and MoPac)

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2011 Lexus IS-F
VIN: JTHBP5C24B5009318
condition: excellent
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: other
odometer: 114300
paint color: blue
title status: salvage
transmission: automatic
type: sedan

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(Edit: Home nearly done after a 9mo flood reno, just before which storms knocked a tree onto my hood, so had to wait for a new one from Japan... but all front paint is now factory-fresh to match the rear. She's gorgeous! ...and apparently the tree knicked the radiator too, so she's now sporting a double thickness, all-aluminum Koyorad radiator and blue silicone hoses to match the intake elbow. Just gorgeous. This IS-F is now 110% good to go!)

My long-time DD turned track-prepped Ultrasonic Blue IS-F is for sale. It's a 2011 w/114k miles.

The Good:

She's truly the best luxury version of a DD-capable track monster...Penske's 7500DA digressive shocks, APR CF rear wing, 2-pc rotors - the works! Short of a supercharger, she's more or less FBO. I'd considered going SC, I've awaited swapping out the factory headers since equal-length units provide a bit lower EGT's to protect the ring lands, and an overall more refined V8 sound, but some like the "big V8" unequal length header sound... so I've waited. The plugs were changed at 109k, and compression is like-new perfect/even. She's perfect as-is for HDPE/track/DD duty, or add a RR Racing supercharger and own the track. Options abound. Car steers almost completely neutral w/modifications listed. It easily provides 3-4 degrees camber all-around for well over 1.0g on street tires. She turned very low 2:40's at CoTA as-is, and will do high 2:30's on slicks in good weather. Even with the occasional HPDE weekend and ethanol blending, lifetime mpg is still nearly 20mpg - She's been pampered!

Also FWIW, I'm a mechanical engineer (practicing PE) with FSAE/acoustics background, so she's been in good hands. Engine oil has been tested at least every other change since I bought her w/~67k miles, and she'd been sold as a Lexus Certified Pre-owned prior a few months before I found her.

Full build list, first and most importantly, the "Go":

- RR Racing tune (Makes est. ~490-500hp with e30-35 mix)
- RR Racing USRS, AOS, and oil cooler (oil cooler not yet installed)
- Gutted stock manifolds, GESi high-flow, EPA-certified cats rated for 1,200HP
- Borla cat-back stainless exhaust
- HPS intake elbow
- Recent lightweight (~18lb) battery
- Flow-formed 19.8lb Advanti Hybris 19x9.5 +40 w/Michelin Pilot SuperSport 4's in 275/30/19s, square setup. (5/7mm tread left, so rubber is ~50-60%... I'll include the 5th wheel I bought as a spare, but it has a hairline crack at edge... it's still good as a spare after minor repair.)
- F-Sport Rear Sway Bar - 30-40% more stiff than stock rear sway IIRC.
- Racing Brake 2-piece rotors; used a while, but at 32mm wide new, at 31mm they still spec far above factory minimum thickness.
- Wilwood 4-pot Rear Calipers (60-70% pad life left, spare matching BP20 pads included)
- Project Mu HC+800 pads (40-50% pad life left, spares fronts included)
- 16/14kg F/R spring rate custom Penske 7500DA suspension, totally adjustable and re-buildable. Refreshed <8k miles ago @ ~107k.
- Custom APR GTC-200 carbon fiber rear wing setup - upgraded Singular end plates and APR gurney flap for increased downforce and improved efficiency aka downforce/drag ratio, removable for DD duty, mounts are permanently braced thru rear trunk lid)
- RR Racing Front LCA bushings
- FIGS front UCA's
- Spare/uninstalled FIGS front UCA bushings, higher durometer and offset to increase castor for better on-road feel/stability. Drives great as-is, but will include as spares for buyer preference.
- FIGS rear lower control arms.
- I have "motorcycle" tip baffles for the Borla exhaust. It's quiet as-is, but measured 6-7dB lower with baffles installed. Up to you.
- I replaced the sunroof gasket a couple years ago, as they cause some interior rattles after 6-7 years. No leaks, just wanted to tighten the interior feel up a bit. One might do this again in another 3-4 years.

Also, the "Show":
- Morimoto LED Fogs, color-matched to HID/LED headlights
- New VLAND LED head/tail lights, non-smoke version
- Gorgeous new flat-bottom, leather, and white CF steering wheel (factory one was getting tired)
- F-Sport gear knob
- New premium (High IR-rejection) ceramic tint
- Recent front/rear bumper and paint
- Recent windshield (had a few rock chips)
- Mods have reduced stock weight by ~160-170lbs.

The Bad:
- She's a 12yo car, much of those as a DD, and has related wear and tear. I'd say interior/exterior are both 8/10. While the paint is decent, there are a couple small (~1/4") clear coat bubbles appearing. If you're looking very closely, you'll probably find a few other minor dings and scratches. From 10', she's immaculate, especially for a 2011! Also, the manifold crack is quite audible on cold starts, but goes away as the car warms up, and inaudible when car is fully warm. There are no exhaust odors in the car, partially thanks to the $1k GESi cats.

The Ugly:
- She came with a salvage title. I bought every "CarFax" report available, and confirmed it was the result of a bad fender bender, with no frame damage, nor airbags deployed. Two body shops and two different Lexus dealers (one being Dallas Sewell with a fantastic reputation for Lexus body work) all stated they could not believe this was a totalled vehicle. I then replaced the few front end parts I deemed remotely questionable - new front bumper, lower radiator support, and a couple other odds and ends. I've never had a single mechanical issue with this car, but for a bit, it wouldn't seem to hold alignment. A few techs speculated a tie rod may be the culprit, so I replaced both along with the front ball joints and hubs when I swapped in the Penskes and FIGS UCA's... BOOM, night and day difference! She's now straight as an arrow and factory-fresh. I've contemplated applying for a re-built title, but she's not a garage queen, so seems kind of silly at this point.

I've endless pictures and documentation of her throughout ownership and upgrades. Please contact me directly for these.

I know this isn't a F-car for everyone, but a few of you out there get it. For those of you, I understand you might be considering a one-way ticket out to have a look, and above all I else want you to be comfortable making the trip. Let's chat and alleviate any concerns.

Finally, literally the week Covid started, I spent a good amount of time with Rafi and Simon (Owners of RR Racing) for the "F's CoTA weekend"... They've ridden in my car, and me in theirs. As Rafi will vouch, this F is the real deal, and about the most fun you'll have in any F-car on or off a track, short of adding FI and/or doing serious interior gutting.

Again, those options are always an option for the future owner.

Thanks for looking and for your time!

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