2014 FJ Cruiser B/O - $22,000 (Round Rock)

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condition: excellent
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 160000
paint color: brown
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV
Hi All!

Selling my 2014 FJ Cruiser. The car has been amazing in the last two years of ownership. Around this time I move on to the next car though. Car is financed and we will need to meet at the bank to transfer everything officially.

Motor and Transmission are in great shape. I always keep a log of what I do with my cars and below is a list of the maintenance I have done:

2014 FJ Cruiser
Rear Diff Oil: 3 qts80W-90
Front Diff Oil: 1 1/2 qts 80W-90
Transfer Case Oil: 75W-90
Transmission Oil: 11.3 qts
Engine Oil: 6.4 US qts
Spark Plugs: NGK

04/22/22 @20:40
Mileage: 121,096 Degrees 79F
Oil Change: Mobile 1 0W-20 and Mobile 1 Filter
Engine Air Filter: K&N Air Filter
Wipers: 3 Front wipers

05/13/22 @18:22
Mileage: 122,680 Degrees 85F
Oil Change: Mobile 1 0W-20 and Mobile 1 Filter - Oil was really dark the initial change.
Engine Air Filter: Cleaned
Ignition: 6 spark plugs and Coil packs installed

06/19/22 @16:48
Mileage: 125,009 Degrees 85F
Front Suspension: Lower and upper control arms and inner and outer tire rods ends replaced
Rear Differential: Changed Oil to 75W-90 Lucas Synthetic oil
Transfer Case: Changed Oil to 75W-90 Lucas Synthetic oil
Zerc Grease points: Filled in new grease
Engine Air Filter: Cleaned
Changed Accessory Belt

06/27/22 @18:08
Mileage: 125,535 Degrees 98F
Transmission:1st Oil exchange

07/06/22 @18:06 Went out of town
Mileage: 125,685 Degrees 91F
Transmission:2nd Oil exchange
Sway bar Bushings replaced
Sway bar links replaced
Note: Much stiffer. *Was easily able to move.

07/10/22 @17:30
Mileage: 126,070 Degrees 100F
Transmission:3rd Oil exchange

07/10/22 @17:30
Mileage: 126,939 Degrees 100F
Transmission:4th Oil exchange (Last)
Oil Change: Mobile 1 0W-20 and Mobile 1 Filter

07/23/22 @17:30
Mileage: 127,053 Degrees 100F (in garage!)
Wheel Hub: Two fronts replaced with new seals
Brakes: Front two sets replaced.
Brakes: Front rotors replaced.

07/10/22 @12:30
Mileage: 127,737
Oil Change:Mobile 1 0w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter

11/15/22 @20:46
Mileage: 132,126
Oil Change: Royal Purple 0w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter

11/22/22 @19:56
Mileage: 132,467
Front CV Axles replaced

03/02/23 @15:00 - before road trip to Louisiana
Mileage: 138,494
Oil Change: Royal Purple 0w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter
Supertine belt

04/03/23 @19:23 - Barely changing after LA trip
Mileage: 142,186
Oil Change: Royal Purple 5w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter
Oil was not as dark as expected
Air Filter - Cleaned

10/15/23 @12:45
Mileage: 149,321
New K&N Air Filter
Oil Change: Royal Purple 0w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter
Outer CV shaft boots torn already

02/22/ 23 @12:45
Mileage: 155,428
New K&N Air Filter
Oil Change: Royal Purple 0w-20 and Mobile 1 Filter

What will need to be replaced soon:
1. Tires (Drive a lot) 5th spare wheel is still new
2. Rear brake pads (might be doing those soon due to another road trip coming up unexpectedly)
3. Front Axles but I do have the original FJs that I was going to have rebuilt with parts from rockauto.com

Installed is a remote kill-switch and a 24/7 dash cam that can be accessed remotely as well.

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