Sherwood S-7110 Receiver: When High-Fidelity Meant High-Fidelity - $99 (Round Rock)

* Made in 1974, during the heyday of quality (high-fidelity) audio when Marantz was run by Sol Marantz, when McIntosh was run by Frank McIntosh, when Fisher was run by Avery Fisher, when AR was run by Henry E. Kloss, when JBL was run by James B. Lancing, and Sherwood was the original Sherwood.

* Direct-couples amplifier circuitry

* Circuity uses FETs

* Power: minimum, RMS, using a single steady-state tone, per channel, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 40 Hz to 20k Hz with less than 0.9% THD: 17.

P.S. What power is necessary to sound just twice as loud as this 17 watts: 170. Yes, 10 dB is twice as loud and 10 times the power.

* Rated into 4 ohm (most “8 ohm” speakers actually drop down to 4 ohms or lower) – not just having a switch to put up with it or not being able to at all.

P.S. why is 4 ohm operation important? The power output of a receiver is the output voltage squared divided by impedance (ohms). So the lower the impedance, the more power is being demanded of the receiver.
A receiver is like a horse, it will run until it dies. So, if you overload a horse, it will not only not run correctly, it will die, and if you overload a receiver it will do the same thing – not sound correctly and eventually die.

* Power bandwidth: 9 Hz to 50k Hz – the wider the better, so it can faithfully play the 20-20 of music.

* Analog tuner for FM / FM Stereo / AM that uses SS ceramic FM I.F. filters

* Phono stage for the better moving magnet cartridges

* Analog volume, bass, treble, and balance controls – the kind used in top-tier separate components.

* Inputs:
- - Phono
- - Aux for CD/DVD player
- - Tape can be used for video (TV) output

* Extruded aluminum front face

* Simulated wood cabinet

External speaker fuses and external main fuse so you can replace them instead of having to go to a service station and pay their high price to replace a fuse.

Weight: 27.5 pounds – the heavier the better. A current 9.2 A/V receiver with a published power output of 900 watts weighs under 24 pounds and is not rated for 4 ohms.

CONCERNS: on/off switch does not work (for longer life and better sound, any quality audio component should be left on), left balance at the extreme is intermittent, and one channel of the FM tuner does not work.

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