$10 per laserdisc - $10 (East Austin)

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condition: good
media type: other video
Up for grabs I’ve got these laserdiscs for sale. Please include a phone number in your response and let me know which movies you were after. I’m asking $10 cash per movie. Most are in very good shape but some do have more wear. Please refer to pics. Please message any questions or concerns. Thanks.

Close encounters

Wizard of oz
Men in black

Dirty rotten scoundrels
Camp nowhere

The fugitive
Mrs. doubtfire

Dead calm
Nowhere to run

A fish called Wanda
Baron munchausen
And now for something completely different
Monty python best of volume 2

Not pictured:
The abyss, the African queen, the mission. Scent of a woman, black robe, the last emperor, the Indian runner, safe, salò, ace ventura, romper stomper, goodfellas, Chinatown, the hunt for red October, blade runner, bad lieutenant, the night porter, Dracula, the rocky horror picture show, blue velvet, rebel without a cause, jaws, once upon a time in the west, cape fear, a clockwork orange, menace II society, schindler’s List, raging bull, last of the Mohicans, the fall of the house of usher/pit and the pendulum

Spaceballs, tomorrow never dies, tron, mighty ducks, from Russia with love, you only live twice, Goldfinger, Robocop, the lost boys, alien, alien: resurrection, a nightmare of elm street, the thing, tremors, fright night, dr Strangelove, dune, mad max, Robin Hood: men in tights, Willow, the princess bride, return to oz (Japanese import), labyrinth, timerider, Christmas vacation, top gun, Harold and Maude, terminator 2 japanese import, blazing saddles, the blues brothers, father of the bride, streets of fire, animal house, Ghandi, raising Arizona, airplane!, the untouchables

Fantasia, speed, leaving Las Vegas, apocalypse now, the empire strikes back, return of the Jedi, Dracula, the omega man, Beverly Hills Cop, the lost world, Jurassic Park, the magic flute, through a glass darkly, Robin Hood, lethal weapon, lethal weapon 2, lethal weapon 3, copacabana, at the circus, a night at the opera, a day at the races, room service, monkey business, Groucho, duck soup, cocoanuts, manhunter, it’s a mad mad mad mad world, darkman, the Maltese Falcon, the big sleep, Casablanca, the good the bad and the ugly, Excalibur, total recall, Logan’s run, miller’s Crossing, Snow White, tora tora tora, once upon a time in America, king of New York, the cotton club, the rocketeer, black Orpheus, the pink panther, the Corsican brothers, young Frankenstein, citizen Kane, platoon, the wild bunch, Chinatown, Scarface, Lawrence of Arabia, a Christmas story, war games, rain man, the secret of my success

Soylent green, curse of the demon, freaks, the uninvited, three colors trilogy, the exorcist III, silence of the lambs, cat people (original and remake), yellow submarine, the mask (60s horror movie), the crawling eye, the fearless vampire killers, the sound of music, how to make an American quilt, the client, Camelot, fern gully, Aladdin, the Addams family, th nightmare before Christmas, the jerk, Paris Texas, wings of desire, sex lies and videotape, dr zhivago, men in black, the arrival, backdraft, maverick, nowhere to run, face/off, mrs. doubtfire, the fugitive, heathers, dirty rotten scoundrels, camp nowhere, patriot games, clear and present danger, north by northwest, the 39 steps, notorious. Vertigo, the birds, field of dreams

Groundhog Day, the Ten Commandments, something to talk about, Scream, seven, Ed Wood, hoop dreams, unforgiven, dune, sidekicks, Toy story

Vampire princess miyu

The sea prince and the fire child/The legend of Sirius Sanrio films sealed

Kishin Heidan volume 6

Shin Getter Robo Volume 7

Mobile suit gundam: char’s counterattack

Crusher Joe (sealed)

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