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license info: Text cash to 317-649-0110 for a application link or apply on line at

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🏦Let's talk about business loans-

There is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between business LOANS and business FUNDING
Business funding is NOT a loan but you are selling a percentage of your future deposits for cash now, these are unsecured, and usually more expensive to a loan. These are good for newer business owners or credit challenged business owners. They are also great for business owners who don't want to utilize their credit!

Advantages- not credit based, cash in a few hours,use for whatever you need and works on every industry except real estate!

This makes sense when you have a OPPORTUNITY and you cannot wait or go though the bullshit a bank or loan institution will put you though for a loan. For instance if you are a contractor who is working on a job that pays every week and you need to get some tools or materials and you are short and you need it now, then you take the business funding- IE a advance
A retail store or a restaurant would take these to get inventory, prep for a sale or holiday season- like Mother's day or Easter Christmas ECT

They are also great if you need to buy something immediately like a freezer for your restaurant or point of sale system for your store.

Trucking companies can take these on to cover expenses until their invoices get paid by their vendors.

Healthcare/staffing/doctors take this kind of funding to cover payroll and expanding when waiting for insurance companies are slow to pay.

ADVANCES are revenue driven and you have to understand that regardless of what everyone is telling you they are based on deposit volume and frequency so you tend to get more when you deposit more and more often. Reality check has to set in when you are doing 10,000.00 a month you are not getting 9,000,000.00. Companies and private equity investors usually advance 1 to 3 times the amount of your monthly deposits and less if you already have a open advance.

Before you take a advance, you should ask yourself, can I double what the advance is in additional business? If you answered yes, take the advance if you answered no DO NOT take the advance. This is not walk around the mall money, and buy the kids McDonold's money, you can use it for whatever, but you should be using it for the business.

Anyone in the business funding arena who is worth a shit should be able to give you some direction on how to use the funds, regardless of your industry, if they cannot then dump them

Here is another thing you should think about, any broker who ADDS A FEE is doing nothing but STEALING from you, every funding company out there pays them commissions for brokering the deal, so when you see your BROKER adds a fee they are greedy and you should take the deal to someone who won't do that to you. You should also remember, every funder has fees for underwriting/ ACH platform/reporting reasons.

Advances do not work to buy businesses or flip real estate, I think we should refer to that as unicorn chasing.

🏦Now we are going to address credit repair!

The ONLY way you can rebuild your credit is, to PAY your bills on time, and clean up your collections issues by contacting your creditors and making arrangements you can keep. You should also pay your current bills on time or early. These simple steps will re-build your credit.
* This will NOT happen overnight.
*This takes hard work and dedication and discipline.

I am not here to burst anyone's bubble but, there is no quick fix to credit issues. You cannot take it to the mechanic like your car and have it fixed the same day. Your credit reports are TRACK RECORDS, not something that you can go cover up or magically fix.

You are owed the truth, and I am glad to be the one and only person on here to tell it to you.

If you are a business owner and you enjoyed hearing the truth, and need a no bullshit funding broker who will not add fees to your advance, and you need some help understanding how to use it then call me or email me.

Here is some advantages to using me:
I have a 5 star rating- Google it, my company is called Metromedia Funding Solutions in Indianapolis. I also have over 1300 fans on Facebook that follow me and you are welcome to do so as well!

I have been doing this for over 10 years and I know where to send your file and won't blindly shop the hell out of you causing you a bunch on un-necessary inquiries.

My network is bigger than most of these companies because I know the funders and I syndicate on my own deals- what that means I put my own money in funding deals so you usually get better rates and longer terms because of that. If I don't fund you myself, I have a network of friends who invest, and they look at what I have going on over these other people advertising on here. It is better to deal with someone who has money when looking for money rather than the most of these clowns advertising on here because they don't have a dime of their own in any deal. Look at it from this prospective, if you were funding some company would you take the advice of some random rookie broker, or would you take the advice of someone who also funds deals, has a degree in mathematical sciences, and understands the flow of money and marketing?

A little about me, I own a few businesses, I have been very blessed. I am a regular guy, I just put my business profits to work by buying receivables from other businesses, and some investing. That is how I got into all of this in the first place. I am down to earth guy, drive a pick- up truck, and raise my children, go to church on Sunday and take care of those around me. I am a country boy and I place these ads all across the country, and here for you.

I HAVE A 98% APPROVAL RATE!! There are NO UPFRONT OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES WHATSOEVER! I run a clean no bullshit approach to business funding.

It is a very simple process with limited requirements, you need to meet the minimum listed below:

* Business checking account
* 90 days in business (MINIMUM)
* Deposit at least $6,000 per month in gross deposits in your business account
*Applicant/Merchant must have a minimum 435 Experian Score

Obtaining a loan from a bank can be virtually impossible. Due to strict risk regulations, banks will turn down business owners with less-than-perfect personal credit or no collateral to place against the loan. Even if you do meet the strict requirements for a bank loan, the lengthy application and approval process can take months to complete.

Business opportunities won't wait for bank approvals or additional capital. With a business or merchant cash advance, you can instantly seize whatever opportunities come your way. We provide the best rates and terms, designed to build your business immediately and in the long term.

Imagine the possibilities, you can use the funds for whatever you need in your business!

You can:
1. Invest into your marketing program
2. Pay off suppliers
3. Get positive cash flow in your business
4. Buy equipment
5. Increase inventory, or buy inventory when it is cheap
6. Remodel
7. Hire people
8. Expand, or even use the money on another business venture,
9. Finish projects
10. Anything you want!

4 easy ways to apply:
1. Apply on line at
2. Text CASH to 317-649-0110 we will send you an application link to your phone and you can apply from that.
3. Text your Email address and we will send you the application to your E-mail VIA docusign
4. Reply to this ad and provide us your name and number and we can just call you!

I look forward to working with you, call me or text me today!
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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