Personal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! (Austin, TX)

Personal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 1 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 2 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 3 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 4 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 5 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 6 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 7 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 8 thumbnailPersonal Chef - Healthy meals tailored for you! 9 thumbnail
The Modern Cupboard has ingredients for every palate and diet. It includes new trends, reliable mainstays, healthier alternatives and exotic options. I cover alternative diets, vegetarian and vegan diets and indulgent treats.
I believe in exuding friendliness and generosity in my service. I approach your needs with professionalism and dedication to create an easy, smooth, and seamless way to feed yourself and your family.

My food makes me unique: I care as much as you do which is why I source as much local, organic and sustainable ingredients as I can. It's a difference you can see and taste!

I have boundless passion for new cuisine and I am constantly expanding my menus to try the newest and most interesting trends, while devoting time to perfecting my favorites. Each menu is crafted with your needs in mind and the personalization shows in every course! I am not a mass-producing, one-size-fits-all company. Each menu I create is customized to you, your preferences, and your needs.

Please see my website for more information!



Meals prepared in your home

I am here to create meals tailored to your specific tastes and dietary requirements. We will meet to establish your needs and set up a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. Enjoy the convenience of freshly prepared, easy to serve foods in the comfort of your own dining space.

How does it work?

After a consultation, I will design a custom menu for your approval, shop for high-quality, fresh ingredients, prepare your meals to your specifications in the safety of your own kitchen, package, label, and store food in you refrigerator/freezer, clean and organize the kitchen and provide reheating instructions and meal description.

After working together, I will continue to pay close attention to your personal preferences as well as any food allergies or other dietary restrictions you may have. With lots of recipes and menus to choose from, we can be adventurous with new meals each week or keep making your favorites to be sure you're getting exactly what you want! I work with low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, as well as many more specific diets!

How much will it cost?

Cost will depend on your specific needs. I will try to work with you to make sure and stay within your budget. Call or email for more information.



Want a healthier cupboard but don't know where to start? Not sure how to use healthier baking and cooking alternatives? I'm here to help! Ask me how!


Private cooking lessons are a great way to gain confidence in the kitchen. Want to learn a new technique? Need help outfitting your kitchen? I can help with private, made-to-order lessons for just you or with friends.

Lessons make great gifts, bachelorette party ideas, or are just a wonderful way to gain confidence in your own cooking skills. I can help you outfit your kitchen with better equipment, show you how to use them, learn new techniques and new recipes.



Have a great space and want to do more with it? How about offering personal chef services as part of your AirBnb? I will come in and cook for your guests and you will receive an agreed upon percentage. Sound interesting? Call for more information.

Please see my website: themoderncupboard.com or email me at inquiries@themoderncupboard.com for more information!


You can host an elegant event and be able to relax and enjoy your guests. I can set your table with your finest, or I can bring in extras such as flowers, decorations, linens, china and crystal. After the event, I clean your kitchen while you continue to enjoy the rest of your special evening.

Coming for ACL? Let me plan a late night buffet for you to return home to!

I will customize the menu and event around your tastes with exceptional attention to detail. I also offer organic vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free creations. At your request, I can provide wine pairings with each course be it a sit down meal with friends or a canapes and cocktail party. Planning a bachelorette party from out of town? Let me help!

The Modern Cupboard is Chef Vanessa Williamson. I grew up in Austin, TX. After graduating from the University of Texas, I studied culinary arts in New York at the Natural Gourmet Institute, a school with a curriculum focused on cooking for health and well-being. I have worked as a chef in both New York and as a Head Chef of two London restaurants, emphasizing menus that utilize local, organic and nutritional ingredients.


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