Your South Austin assistant (South Austin)

offered in person
offered virtually
Put my number in your phone and whenever you need something, shoot me a text.
Something such as:

Pick up XXXXX and bring it to me at my home or at my office at X:XX
Run to Office Depot and get XXXXX and bring it to XXXXXX
Help me organize my garage, storage unit or shed
Take my car to XXXXX to get it’s oil changed or it’s brakes done or it’s tires rotated for me while I’m working.
Put food and water in the cat’s dish while I’m out of town on a business meeting
Walk my dog
Alphabetize my records
Pack these orders and drop them off at the Post Office, UPS or FedEx
Create a flyer for my company that I may or may not use.
Make 500 copies of my flyer and envelope them.
Bring XXXXX to XXXXX (no drugs, duh.)
Set up my computer and printer and fix the settings so that it XXXXXXXX
Clean up my home or office
Flip my Air bnb after the guests check out.
Get my property ready to rent or sell.
Detail clean my car
Go online and search for the cheapest place I can order 25,000 XXXXX
I need XXXXXX, I want to pay about $XXX.XX. Research which models will be the best value for my money and tell me why.
Organize and label my inventory
Make a spreadsheet with these columns and enter the formulas so I can fill in these boxes and these one will autofill with accurate numbers.
Call Tech support or customer service and figure out why my XXXXXX won’t XXXXXXX
Research companies that provide XXXXXX service with XXXXXX but not XXXXXX (XXXXXX would be preferable but is not essential) at a better rate then I am currently paying.
Drive me to the airport
Consolidate the things in my 12X20 storage and move it to a 8X15 storage at this different location

Whenever you need a little help, I’ll be here. I know you’re busy. What can I do to improve the quality of your life and your bottom line?

If you need me to do a little 1 or 2 hour task, or if you have all kinds of things, Shoot me a text and let me know how I can help. $20 per hour can be paid via Zelle, CashApp or actual cash. I’m located in South Austin. I have a small SUV. I can rent a u-haul pick-up or box truck on your behalf. You can text me any time day or night and I will reply as soon as possible.

I have a wide variety of experience with yard work, driving, cleaning, cooking, office, mailing & packiing, computers etc. I have general knowledge and common sense, I can read a label and research a problem or process. I can work with you or alone.
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