I am an exceptional patient mathematics tutor in all subjects at all levels with over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I have a Master's Degree in Mathematics from UTSA and completed all coursework towards my PHD from UT Austin. I was a top tutor nationally with Wyzant for over 3.5 years and I had 3 times as many hours locally as the next closest person. I'm offering the same level of excellence at significantly less per hour. I have an enormous amount of enthusiasm for math and that usually rubs off on anyone I work with. And yes patience is something I'm commended for regularly. Rate is determined by distance, length of lesson and subject difficulty. I tutor everyday Monday thru Sunday. I also tutor Chess and have a current rating of 1927. My name is Brandon and I will provide references.

********************************** 2019 5 STAR REVIEWS***************************************
"I think this quick story sums up our experience with Brandon: My 12 year old daughter and I got to the airport at midnight on Sunday then took a long taxi home after an exhausting fun vacation. She got up at 6 AM to endure a full day of school and make-up work. When I asked her if she wanted to cancel her Monday after school 2-hour math session with Brandon, she said 'Are you kidding? NO WAY!' Anyone who can get my kid, or any kid, to love math that much- is pure gold! Once he helps her with understanding the concepts that are being covered in class at the beginning of the week, she has no problem with the work in between tutoring sessions. And… like other reviewers have also mentioned, our dogs love him too" Brooke M
"Brandon provides a top-tier math tutoring experience for those requiring some serious mathematical assistance. I was able to work with Brandon over the course of approximately 12 lessons, and I can say with complete
certainty that my level of understanding concerning mathematics improved drastically. Brandon is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the field of mathematics , and to his credit he is willing to work with students with varying degrees of mathematical ability. Brandon is extremely artful when it comes to explaining a concept using several different methods to ensure that you gain a deep understanding of the content. Brandon is extremely flexible in terms of scheduling conflict. Furthermore, he understands the value of time , although you might have a lot to cover, he will focus on the most important concepts to be certain that you understand them thoroughly. I can personally attest to the fact that this leads to a much more promising experience. Although math is a daunting subject for many (including myself) he makes the learning experience as painless as possible. In addition he is extremely committed to his work; I was never frustrated by last minute cancellations and I always felt like we accomplished something by the end of the lesson. In short, Brandon is nothing less than a human calculator; he understands all manner of mathematics from the simple to the obscenely complex. Those looking for a learning experience defined by an instructor who prides himself on his work by being knowledgeable, punctual and driven by the success of his students, look no further than Brandon." Jaxsen
"I was studying Calculus II at a local Community college at night classes, while working full time in order to gain some additional math credits. I had been able to complete math homework and pass the early tests, however; the amount of time I had to invest to re-go over notes and watch help videos on you tube was not sustainable with a full time job and life. After contacting Brandon for some one on one help, right away he was able to explain difficult concepts that my professor had rushed through in class. He also gave me useful shortcuts to help save time in my workings out and exam conditions. He was very encouraging and knew exactly the level to pitch his advice at and the pace to move with. I successfully finished all the credits I needed with a 4.0 GPA and saved a lot of time on "self-teaching". I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone who may be struggling or just needing a more efficient way to pass your class." Perran

***************************************2018 5 STAR REVIEWS*************************************
"I wouldn't have been able to get a good grade in Calculus 2 without Brandon's help. His explanations were always clear and to the point. He didn't mind me asking him to repeat an exercise or explain a concept more than once. Whenever I thought nobody would be able to solve a problem, Brandon showed me the easy way to do it!! Without even knowing it he guides you down the halls of formal mathematics. He is the Michael Jordan of mathematics. I highly recommend him!" Erick S.
" Brandon tutored me for Differential Calculus and Sequences, Series, and Multi-variable Calculus. He is very knowledgeable of the subject and also showed me shortcuts to take so I would be able to work through problems quicker. He was patient and explained everything thoroughly to help me have a better understanding of the concepts. He appeared to take my learning personally and certainly helped to increase my confidence. I would highly recommend him as a tutor." Mykaela D.
"Brandon has been a wonderful tutor for my daughter. Even with her busy schedule he is always accommodating when scheduling a time to work with her weekly. He is kind and patient, always making sure she understands the material fully. I am confident with his help she will be more than prepared to take the SAT." M. Johnson
"So pleased to have found Brandon. He is an excellent math tutor and keeps my children engaged and interested. My 10th grader is enjoying lessons with him. He says that Brandon really helps him understand the concepts and stay motivated. My 6th grader too loves her math lessons with Brandon and looks forward to her weekly lesson with him." Brian A.
"I found Brandon while I was struggling to prepare for upcoming math courses for the quantitative heavy Econ Master's program at UT. I had just barely passed Calc 1, had not taken a math course in 8 years and was stuck mastering 10 chapters of our math for economists book all alone. Brandon swooped in and not only taught me how to "do the math" but how to recognize what the problems are asking and develop the small intuitions one needs to recognize patterns and work towards solutions. Every session I had with him seemed to be over too quickly because his lessons helped me feel capable and excited for the material. I asked him to stay longer almost every time! He is a fantastic teacher and I would recommend him highly to anyone, even if just to brush up on your skills. His brain works a lot better than most :) Hire him and keep him around." Larisa B.
"Brandon tutored my son and daughter in pre-calculus, calculus, and SAT prep. I had previously been helping them with calculus, bad idea. Very happy I reached out and scheduled Brandon to tutor once a week. He has an in depth knowledge of calculus. He has the theory and application down and can describe the process of solving the problems clearly and thoroughly, so that it is easily understood. My son said, "if his high school teachers taught like Brandon, then everyone could understand calculus". My kids both received university scholarships, one in electrical engineering and the other in computer science. My daughter's SAT results were in the 99th percentile. I highly recommend Brandon". Laura P
"Brandon provides a highly personalized and professional service. He has a great knack for explaining concepts in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend his services if you need help in math, physics or SAT prep".
James H
" Brandon has been a tremendous help to my daughter's true grasp of math over the past four years. Brandon has an incredible way of explaining complex concepts in a distilled manner that the receivers of the information truly understand. In addition to his communication skills, Brandon is an ever better person. His likability and personality make him someone that can be trusted and appreciated. This approach enables him to forge true connections with the people he is helping that results in a communication exchange that is enjoyable versus arduous. As my daughter is finishing up her second semester in college, she has already asked to work with him again to support her with some challenging classes she will be taking this summer. Brandon is just flat
out the best"! Scott M.
"My time with Brandon has been so beneficial. He is very personable, funny, and intelligent. He works with you where you're at and works problems and concepts with you rather than supervising. I improved my GRE score immensely which helped me get into my graduate program." Hannah K.
"Brandon is a very knowledgeable, personable, fun and considerate tutor. He has a good grasp on when and where to push you in your studies as it relates to quantitative work. I've worked with Brandon on two separate stints and was pleased with the results.
So, I recommend Brandon's tutoring services to anyone looking to brush-up their quantitative skill set because its highly likely he can help." John C.
"This guy really knows his stuff. He's teaching my daughter and son and has raised their grades by a letter, and helped my children gain understanding of the content that they struggled with. He makes it fun and is very patient. We're now using him to prepare for the SAT." Victoria L.
"Brandon has been working with our family for the last 3 years. He worked with our older son during his senior year of AP Calc AB and was instrumental to him scoring a 5 on the AP test. He has been working with our younger son the last 2 years through Alg II and now AP Calc AB. Brandon is extremely knowledgeable and easily picks up on what learning style your child needs to be successful. I highly recommend Brandon." Cindy M.
"I can wholeheartedly recommend Brandon as an expert tutor in mathematics. He tutors both of my daughters. They are 15 and 12 years of age. He does a great job making math fun for them. Sometimes they spend their time working on classwork. Other times they work on SAT prep. His demeanor is very relaxed and they enjoy spending time with him and how he makes learning fun. He is highly dependable and a pleasure to work with. I can wholeheartedly recommend him." Debra P.
"Really helped my son with his test tactics, testing skills, and confidence. Very knowledgeable, will use in the future with other kids." Derrick G.
"Brandon was an amazing tutor. He helped me not only learn the material but also master it. I felt like my confidence was able to increase as well making me a better overall student. Working with him saved me a lot of time I would have spent figuring it out on my own." Andrew F.
"Brandon is excellent at meeting the student where they are in the material and walking them through solutions. He's professional and takes pride in being a great tutor over multiple subjects. I had nothing but good experiences with him over multiple semesters in Calc, pre-calc, and trig. If you want a proficient, knowledgeable tutor who will actually improve your child's understanding and enjoyment of the subject matter give him a shot!" Josh A.
"My daughter has been working with Brandon for a year now and it is something she actually looks forward to rather than making excuses to get out of the lesson. She has really gained confidence in Math which has taken a lot of stress out of AP Geometry class for her. He breaks down the problems so that she can grasp the concept and then has her work it out on her own several times. He is very competent in many subjects. We really enjoy Brandon, he is not your typical Math guy- he has a sunny personality and we both look forward to seeing him as does our Boston Terrier Penny." Karla B.
"Brandon is an excellent tutor. The GRE has been an obstacle to my pursuit of a graduate degree. Brandon's tutoring is helping me prepare with a great review of math formulas, definitions, and rules. Plus drills. Its all coming back! Most importantly, Brandon's close attention and encouraging style gives me confidence to know I will do well. I highly recommend amping up your math with Brandon's Mathematical Muscle tutoring."Donna H.
"Brandon is a very talented chess player and teacher. I noticed immediate improvement regarding my chess skills and critical thinking in general. Even years after we ended our chess lessons, I can still consistently defeat all of my friends and family in a game of chess. I highly recommend him as a teacher and mentor." Carl P

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