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It takes a few lessons to learn ALL chords: 7th's, 9th's, 11th's, 13th's, + added & altered. Every combo is NOT a chord, only a few. Learning every chord is totally doable!

Jazz uses ii-V-I progressions, kinda like I-IV-V. Look in the Real Book or other sheet music. You'll see ii-V-I's as well as chains of 5ths which are similar. These units are linked like jewelry as they modulate thru different keys.

Diminished theory has four substitutions for each ii, V, & I chord. The "poker" math (4X4X4) gets you 64 versions of each ii-V-I! The diminished scale's symmetry can create angular, syncopated lines.

Modes OTOH are common. They're required for Berklee undergrads, seven tone scales based on Gregorian chant. You can add chords made of 4ths & 5ths like Miles and Coltrane did.

Modal music uses repeating basslines and drones, Indian & Arabic techniques common to rock. Improvisers mix modes like Jerry Garcia, or add rapid, transient key changes like Coltrane.

Tip-toeing into jazz can boost your arsenal w/o conquering the jazz world. If you have a few years' chops, you can use the back door & start w/ boogie woogie. Rock originated w/ boogie-woogie.

Scale work is great for technique, esp. w/weighted (or semi-w) keys. Fast technique comes from SLOW scale work, putting posture over speed. Commit to slow scale work and you'll see growth every day.

Bach and lotsa classical rep is correct played slowly. Classical pros tend to play too fast! Chill and enjoy it. Numbered fingerings work like training wheels. Classical is doable too (if you want to play it).

I sang Renaissance music semi-professionally in the major cathedrals of Europe. I teach diaphragmatic singing w/out operatic frills, very useful and practical for singers doing rock/pop/jazz/Americana!

Synths and keys are OK. Keys as 2nd instrument is OK. Low rates. Advanced degree. No contracts.

Open to equipment / service barters. DYI digital engineer? Do you play well? Do you clean or offer a service?

Otherwise, cash only.

I've taught/performed for 25+ years, incl. college for 10. I've played w/renown jazz players. I teach musicians, adults, & the occasional kid w/involved parent(s). Students include Austin pros & Berklee alums. I teach piano/keys, theory for other instruments. I get rock & jazz players but also classical types w/technique issues. I can teach 12-tone to fellow nerds. I handle basic rock instruments, esp voice, blues harp, drums.

Seth Davis, MM
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I hope this helps even if you don't take lessons. Thanks for reading!
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