MIT Grad for Math, English & Science Tutoring, able to do Test Prep

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I am an effective Math, English and Science tutor who is great at working with anyone struggling with low esteem. I am able to motivate people into their goals.

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree from MIT and I have several years of working directly with high school students in the public school system in Math (especially Algebra and Geometry) and English. I understand many of the struggles that learners have along the way and I am known for being a great listener and motivator. I especially love Math but I also delight in Writing. Plus, the scientist in me loves to ask thought-provoking questions.

I have also obtained a certification in teaching English as a Second/Other Language.

I also have over 10 years of experience working with elementary and middle school aged children, mainly in a mentoring capacity along with tutoring. I am also able to work with adults and I have tutored college students of varying ages.

I seek to meet students where they are at in the challenges that they face but help instill confidence in their ability to grow beyond where they are today. If you work with me, you will grow in confidence in your abilities but you will also be challenged to think and grow. You will see your subject material at different angles and gain new insights.

I believe that everyone is able to learn and grow and be more than they are today.

One of my mentors loved to say, “it’s not about the intercept, it’s about the slope.” That is to say, it’s not about where you start at today, but your attitude, approach, and action can launch you more quickly into places you’ve never dreamed before.

I will help you reach your goals through my questions, demonstration, explanation, examples and feedback.

I hope to be of service to you in your endeavors!

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