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Marceline (Marcy) is a nine month old female mixed breed puppy looking for a wonderful, athletic home. We rescued her momma last September, and three weeks later she surprised us with nine beautiful puppies! We have tried our hardest to keep all nine, but as they mature, they need more one-on-one time than the two of us can give them, so we are looking to rehome three of them. It breaks our hearts to rehome Marcy, but she is a very talented dog and deserves more time and work than we can give her. She is a beloved member of our little family, so we will insist that she goes to a safe, loving, knowledgeable home.

Her mother's breeding is unknown, and her father's breeding is REALLY unknown, but judging from the genetic variety in the litter, she's a heeler/Border Collie/shepherd/bully mix of some kind. She definitely looks the most Border Collie out of her littermates, and she's smart like it, too. She's about 45 pounds and is incredibly athletic. She was the first puppy to climb out of the whelping box, and that athletic trend has continued as she has matured. She has climbed a stack of crates, jumped a four foot fence, learned how to swim like a natural, and handles all kinds of natural obstacles on hikes. On rough hikes, she happily bounces from boulder to boulder like a little mountain goat.

This is a really fun dog. In the right home, she could be a serious dog sport competitor, brilliant working dog, or just a really talented hiking partner. She is very intelligent and an extremely clever, independent thinker. She's also cheerful and playful and fun, and always has a skip and a smile at home (she jumps around in a particularly cheerful manner that we call her "flounce bounce"). She loves to give lots of kisses and get hugs and tummy rubs. Of course, a dog this smart and athletic does not come without challenges. She's defensive-reactive to strange dogs that approach her, although once successfully introduced, she just wants to play. She is a high-energy dog and plays hard! She's fought with her siblings if they don't "submit" below her in the pack, but she's never had an issue with our older dogs or with the neighbor's dogs, so I think she would be the most successful with older, more mature, steady dogs, rather than with her "peers". She is socialized with cats, and though she'll annoy and "boop" them, she has never been aggressive towards them. She's also never been aggressive towards a person (she'll bark at strangers, but that's it) but because she has fought with her siblings in the past, we wouldn't feel comfortable with her going to a home with young children.

She is a sensitive, thoughtful dog with a stubborn streak, but picks up routines and commands very quickly with calm but consistent reinforcement. She knows her name (and her nickname, "Flounce Bounce!") and "sit" extremely well. She's generally a good listener and well behaved on a leash, in the car, and going to the hardware or pet stores. She is generally quiet in her crate at night and when we leave the house, though she will bark in the morning when she has to poo. She has great ears and is an excellent alert dog, even when she is sleeping. She learned how to swim in just two sessions at the lake, though probably needs a few more good positive experiences before she'd be considered a truly solid swimmer. We've been working with her off leash, as well, and she's a natural at that, generally hanging around in a quiet environment. She'll definitely need more experience and work on her recall in "exciting" situations before she's ready to be truly trusted off leash, but she'll definitely be able to get there.

She's a really hard one to let go of. She has so much talent and love and cheer, and in any other circumstance she'd be a keeper. But our goal is to keep as many of the pups as we can, and since she's more difficult to trust with the siblings, it is the prudent decision. She's going to make someone an amazing working or sport dog, and we will insist that she goes to a home that is excited about her talents and is comfortable working on her social skills. She definitely needs a handler with experience and grit to work through the rough patches in order to get to the diamond in the center. A home with a tall fenced yard is a must. This is NOT an apartment dog, and she is a very strong climber and jumper, so she needs a reliable and tall fence. She's past the worst of the "puppy phase" but is still a work in progress. Given time and dedication, she's going to be truly amazing. She is not spayed yet, but is is up to date with all of her vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, and nail trims. She will come with her crate, and we are asking a rehoming fee of $175. This fee does not even remotely begin to cover the costs of raising her and we are making absolutely no profit; we are asking this fee strictly to ensure that she is not flipped (or worse), and that the home she is going to is capable of providing for her financially. If you are interested in meeting her or have any questions, please email us. Please also tell us about yourself, your home setup, your dog experience, your dog sport/working dog ambitions and experience, and how Marcy can fit into your family dynamic. Thank you!
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