The Chateau MSL ranch

We are a non profit farm, helping to stop local food insecurities, and teaching youth self-sufficiency, a sustainable skill, and survival.We donate animals & equipment to families in need, as well as youth, starting up their own homestead.

We are currently accepting any & all livestock: (cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, rabbits, poultry/fowl, etc)

We do take in rescues of the following: Livestock, equine, fowl, birds/parrots, exotics, reptiles, & dogs.

We specialize in mastiffs & bulldogs of all types, farm/ranching dogs (corgis, aussies, heelers, collies, lsgs, etc.) We train for work, and we train for esa support. We are currently unable to accept cats. We do NOT euthanize for time/space-we are no kill.

How can you help? We need:

♡Animal feed of any & all kind as well as hay, spent grains, etc also Straw bales

♡Bricks, cinder blocks, river rocks, pavers, peat rock, mulch

♡Corrugated metal sheets, PVC, Conduit, Hardware cloth, solid pallets, other building materials, and CHICKEN WIRE

♡Tposts (HUGE NEED)

♡Fencing, panels, kennels, and gates of any type (HUGE NEED), Rabbit, quail cages etc.

♡Fruit Trees/Plants

♡Lawnmowers/tractors/ranch trucks, Trailers of any kind, other equipment

♡ATVs/UTVs/Golf Carts etc

♡Gas/Solar Generators, Power Washers/Wood Chippers

♡Welders/Welding supplies (we teach welding)

♡Incubators & Brooders

♡Aquaponics/Hydroponic Supplies/Pond Liners, Pond Equipment,Green Houses/Hoop Houses/Garden beds/boxes,Garden Soil/Compost, tables, shelves, fodder trays, etc.

♡Shipping Containers/Buildings/Sheds

**Need flat bed and livestock trailers and older model trucks/suvs/vans (the least amount of electronic components the better

*****We desperately need the following items to fill immediate needs:Horse Quality Round bales, Cattle Panels, 10x20 or 10X10 chicken coops, hardware cloth, Dog food, Alfalfa, T posts and sooo much chicken wire!

***♡We are seeking a volunteer to dig 1/2 to 1 acre pond♡

We REALLY need transport volunteers!

**If we do not respond to your inquiry, please resend, we are a volunteer based organization and have very few employees so things get confused or accidentally deleted from time to time. we are NOT ignoring you.*

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