Cutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! (Austin or Dallas)

Cutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! 1 thumbnailCutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! 2 thumbnailCutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! 3 thumbnailCutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! 4 thumbnailCutest Orange/ White Tabby Cat Needs New Home!! 5 thumbnail
Meet Micho, the ✨rizzing✨ orange tabby cat with a striking white chest and dashing white mittens. His charm is not his only quality, his cuddly and sweet boy energy makes him irresistible! I adopted him in Temple, TX when he was just a wee boy and he has been with me ever since. Im now moving and can not home him where Im going :(

For his first 2 years he lived with me but frequently interacted with other people and strangers and was always very warm and welcoming with them. The past two years he has lived with my sister as well as her cat. The other cat is the same age and a boy as well, they got along really well in the beginning, but toward the end of Micho's 4th year they do not get along at all anymore.

Micho is quite the conversationalist, always ready with a pleasant greeting or meow filled chat whenever you walk through the door. He's a social butterfly and loves human interaction, making him the perfect companion for those looking for a friend to share their day with! His favorite places to curl up are windows, cat trees, and ofcourse any part of you that’s comfortable. Dont be surprised if he also watches you while you shower, he loves to be close and protect his favorite human. He can also be pretty sassy at times, he hates getting his nails trimmed so I recommend taking him to petco for a professional to help out! He is very co-dependent and wants to be with you at all times so if there is ever a closed door between you he will paw at it and cry for you to come back.

When it comes to playtime, Michos favorite game might surprise you— he’s absolutely smitten with paper receipts crumbled into balls and he will HAPPILY engage in fetch…I said it “fetch” and you of course have to tell him “good boy!” He is very easy to please and is mostly content sitting on your lap and lovingly staring into your eyes.

Micho is scared of other cats as i have noticed as he gotten older, he has not been around dogs before so i do not know how we would respond to them. He's also scared of plastic bags being fluffed out and vacuums, but hell just run and hide. Micho diet consists of Purina One Tender Selects Blend with Real Salmon and his favorite treats are the Whole Hearted Soft Filled Bites. The cool thing about Micho is, you don't have to worry about him eating random things, he will literally only eat his food! I I feed him at 8am and 4pm everyday, with a 1/2 cup scoop totaling a 1 cup a day. Micho has dry skin, so if he's having a flare up or scratching (particularly consistently under his chin) ill add a teaspoon of fish oil to his food until his food until his skin improves. In bad cases, where he has broken the skin, I use chlorhexidine wipes on that area until it clears up and a cat cone to prevent him from scratching and worsening the area. Besides that, Micho is very healthy!

Micho is generally laid back and easygoing but he has one preference—he would rather be the sole pet in his new home and have you allll to himself. But with his winning personality and ENDLESS affection, who needs anyone else? If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and entertaining companion, look no further than Micho!

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