Non-traditional student looking for my next spot (Austin)

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Hey hey!

Off the bat, bit about me- my name is Zachary, go by Zach too. I'm a 28-year-old student who went back to school at 25. Since then, I’ve earned two Associate Degrees in Supply Chain/Logistics and International Business, along with four related certificates, all with honors. Right now, I’m working on a Bachelor's degree online from LSU (business analytics) and looking for an internship. I also work part-time and get some support from my well off parents while I finish my degree. Rent will 100% never be late

What I take the most pride in is that I'm the most humble person I've ever met. Alright, jokes aside, what I feel my most valuable trait is that I’m fundamentally well-meaning, inclined to meet anyone halfway with what's going on for them if that's what they think they need, as long as things stay respectful. imo too many have reactionary spats instead of lowering their guard enough to cooperatively seek constructive dialogue. I'll get off my soapbox. Sincerity goes a long way with me. No ill will, but I’m not interested in anything like that

I frequently take action to make things better in any way I can. For example, I always tell drivers if they have a turn signal or brake light out or if their tire is low if we catch the same red light. I often hop on Reddit later in the day to give advice, sometimes borderline life coaching, sorting by most recent posts to help address people’s crises in real-time so they don’t feel so alone. I write thorough responses because I want to having a shot at making a real difference for someone who might be a little stuck in the same ways I've been before.

I'm looking for a home with respectful and active people. My best friend is my brother, and we spend a lot of time together with our mutual friends.. Most of our socializing happens at his place where we play games like backgammon, Texas hold 'em, and Cards Against Humanity.

I spend a significant amount of time at home studying, but my study hours are flexible, so I don't require specific quiet times. To stay in the zone working long hours, I vaporize (not smoke) CBD hemp flower and some THCa bud (much less stinky than burning anything). I prefer keeping it in my personal space, but I would appreciate the green light to occasionally use common areas with friends

I believe in resolving conflicts positively, seeing it as an opportunity to understand each other's boundaries better. I’m also all about sharing household chores to keep things nice for everyone, and I actually enjoy doing dishes and taking out the trash and recycling.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this, truly

If this jives with you, give me a shout :)

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