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Christian Brothers Piano Tuning & Repair (since 1976) - Complete Restoration, Rebuilding, Refinishing, & Storage Services - New & Used Piano Sales
www.TuningArtist.com ; email: PianoTuningArtist@gmail__com__ (Please complete address for direct email)

*Creating Masterpiece and Legacy one piano at a time
* PayPal, Venmo, Zelle & Credit Cards accepted (ask for details)...
* NO SALES TAX on Services!
* Customer Rewards (individuals, churches, organizations)- FREE/Complimentary Tuning & Service
* BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ RATING
* Expertise Award Pick "Best Piano Tuners" in Austin 2016
* "Angie's List"

* "What you Want, what you Need!" (What you Get... skip/scroll to end)

Christian Brothers is not called "The Michelangelo of Piano Tuning" without good reason. Since 1976, for over 47 yrs. now, Christian Brothers has been the first call technician for professionals throughout the greater Austin area and across the Great State of Texas.
A.K.A. "Piano Man", "Piano Doctor", "Piano Whisperer", "Chopin of Piano Tuners", "Piano Magic Man", "Sound Alchemist" ....

Creating Masterpiece and Legacy one piano at a time, Master Craftsman Tuner-Technician, Michael P. Severino, chooses to give you the optimum in performance results that you so richly deserve, desire, and need, whether Concert Artist, Professional, Teacher, or Amateur. It's not more than you need, just more than you are accustomed to receiving!
So, for a "Concert Hall/Artist Quality" piano tuning, call Christian Brothers today @ (512) 302-0101 or Text (512) 658-8005 (http://www.TuningArtist.com)!

Doing the impossible everyday, for everyone! Some say it's "magic," others say amazing, even miraculous! See Video Demo Clips. What you want, what you need! Christian Brothers exercises all "due diligence" in the "pursuit of excellence" in a world where mediocrity & empty promises rule the day. When the "rule of mediocrity" becomes the normative standard for work outcome/expectation, it then becomes virtually impossible for the customer/client to ask, request, receive, or discern true quality! Therefore, any outcome result better than the typical mediocre "average down" result then becomes a good result.

Quotation concerning "Price & Value"...

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." -- John Ruskin

My Business Philosophy:
Always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest. -Mark Twain

Prepare to be wowed!
It's not more than you need, just more than you are accustomed to receiving! -Christian Brothers Piano

Newest 2021 Reviews...
Hello! The piano sounds amazing, ...
Thank you again for being so thorough with everything...you are really so gifted!! -Alice L.

+2020 reviews posted...
Long time professional Piano Teacher client (Yamaha Grand & Pramberger pro upright)…
“OMG! You are incredible! I will write a review for you and call you in the next month for “Stage I”! Thank you so much for a fantastic job!” -Marcia L.

Newest 2020 review just posted...
Michael is a real class act. His tuning knowledge and true understanding of the inner workings and engineering of every piano known to man makes him the best person for the job every time. His precision is impeccable. He took my 1988 Yamaha to concert level. It is as fine and beautiful as a piano can ever sound. His dedication to fine tuning to the micro level is what sets Michael apart from all other competition. If you are reading this, search no more. Michael travels all over the state, and can tune your piano beyond your belief for a low price you won't believe. I would have paid 3 times what he charges for the quality work I received. Thank you Michael, see you in 6 months! L.B.

Christian Brothers Piano Video Presentation (Must see TV - 90sec.)...

BUYER BEWARE! Not all piano tunings are created equal! A higher price does not necessarily guarantee, or ensure, a truly fine, high quality performance result. Because of this situation, Christian Brothers must clearly define, quantify, and qualify that which is unseen, in the sounds of the piano, though not invisible to the senses.

Any adjustment of "pitch" (even a single string) is considered "tuning!" Anyone can "Tune" a Piano, Organ, Harp, Guitar, Radio, TV, etc., but the question is "How Well?" That answer can be difficult to find, even for those who know what they really want! The "How Well" is ultimately determined by the Tuner's "Due Diligence" in the application of Musical Harmonic Concepts & Structures. The "Paint by Numbers" art pieces are never considered
to be "Fine Art." In like fashion, "Tuning by Numbers" (with or without Technology) is not considered "Fine Tuning."

Piano "tuning" is a musical performance "product" that can be judged as easily as any other type of performance. Piano tuning using the "Renaissance Theory" produces a standard of quality by which all other tunings must/may/should be judged.

"Not Just Tuning"
As a matter of course, Every "Piano Tuning" includes a thorough evaluation, and "truth," of the instrument's playability, reliability, and potential. Service recommendations/options are given, and explained, in order to maximize the player's musical expectations, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Informed & educated decisions/choices can then be made in terms of the Piano's care, refinement, and investment.

"Renaissance Theory" ...

* Signature Tuning
* Exciting the 17th Partial
* Full Spectrum Sound Conception
* A Perfect Scale of Optimized Overtone Alignment
* Unsurpassed Pitch Stability
* Auditory Healing/Awakening/Training
* Creative Inspiration

*Hitting an Invisible Target
"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." -- Arthur Schopenhauer

Musical Artistry & Master Craftsmanship, in the use of State-of-the-Art piano tuning technologies, allows for the never before heard consistencies of sound sculpturing & tonal enhancement. The "17th Partial" is an overtone element of sound production so high (in actual pitch) as to be virtually inaudible. However, its presence is heard/felt in terms of creating an enhanced richness of texture & color of the sound. This phenomenon can only be created, consistently, through the use of maximum/peak "stretch tuning" throughout the entire piano scale/range.
(See "State of the Arts" in QUESTIONS? page)

It's not more than you need, just more than you are accustomed to receiving! A standard of excellence so refined that even the Pro-Concert-Artists are stunned & amazed to "hear things they have never before heard" in the sounds of their music. This is not more than you need, but more than you have ever been given or served!

Tuning Levels:
**Stage I (+/- 5 to 20 cents) = 10-40 cents total pitch spread (fair/ok/mediocre) - "Low-Definition"
**Stage II (+/- 1 to 5 cents) = 2-10 cents total pitch spread (good/very good) - "Standard-Def."
**Stage III (+/- 0.01 cents) = 0.02 cents total pitch spread = Super-Ultra-Fine "Concert/Artist Quality" (excellent/superb/sublime) - "Hi-Def."

The "Recognized Clientele/Customer Listing" has become an international "Who's Who" of highly acclaimed and famous clients.
Clientele "Who's Who" (http://www.tuningartist.com/index.php?id=23)
*Latest Updates sent by email

See "YouTube" Video Demo Clips @ PianoTuningArtist (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWsTRnT416Y)
(Pitch Raise)http://youtu.be/jWsTRnT416Y
(Repetition Speed Response-1)http://youtu.be/HlQyjU8serw
(Repetition Speed Response-2)http://youtu.be/s3uv2bUTgjo
(Repetition Speed Response-3)http://youtu.be/Fw2iJjIfc3w
(Repetition Tuning Secrets-1)http://youtu.be/ysFoO1rsEPw

LATEST RAVE REVIEW... Better action response than Steinway Concert Grand Piano in Bates Recital Hall!! After "Christian Brothers" performs basic action regulations on a 30yr-old Korean Grand Piano, the Pianist exclaims that the action response is even better than that of the Steinway Concert Grand he just played in Bates Recital Hall!! http://www.texasperformingarts.org/venues/bates

Latest "Chiropractic" Review...
Hi Michael,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note... Wow... I can hear the difference. On my typical closely voiced chord changes -Abmaj9 - Gm7 - F#maj13 - Fmaj7 ... the sweetness was unlike any piano I think I've ever played - shivers down the spine. Makes the instrument really inspirational to play.
​...Yes... having you tune it twice a year for 6-7 years has been a fabulous investment!
Thank you!

"Off Center" Musical Review...
Hi Michael,
I just wanted to let you know that the piano at the Off Center has been GREAT! We had a wonderful opening weekend and the piano was a dream to
play. Thank you for your excellent work as always!

**Newest “Concert Prep.” Pre-Performance Review...
I played it... this morning… You are a genius! The piano was unbelievably responsive. The overtones just ping in the higher pitched chords, and the bass is warm and fat. The piece I played this morning, I don’t think I’ve ever played it that well. Thank you SO MUCH for your work on it. It really shows.
-Paul P... I left a review on Yelp (Post-Concert)...

Generous heart and amazing skill...
I purchased a Kawai GS30 a few years back. These list for about 10-12,000 dollars used, but I got mine for $3500 because it was a wreck. Michael rebuilt the action, got it back to pitch (took some patience!) and turned it into the beautiful piano I now own.  I'm not a hobbyist - I have a conservatory degree in classical piano; I know pianos, and know how to play.  I'm 62 years old and have been playing for 57 years.  He turned my troubled instrument into something I wouldn't trade for any instrument I have played -- responsive, warm, perfect for the home and voiced just how I like it for my living room - butterscotch and chocolate in the tone, a pleasant warm ping in the treble. 

I invited Michael and his wife to a recital I was performing recently and he volunteered to do all the concert prep for the instrument I was going to play in my church sanctuary.  It had been tuned regularly but never serviced - the equivalent of putting gas in your car but never raising the hood. So it needed mountains of work, and Michael *donated* about 12 hours of his time to bring the beast into shape. When he was done, that 7' Yamaha felt like a Bosendorfer - infinitely responsive, high overtones pinging in the top register and filling the hall, tenor range that sang like Pavarotti, and big fat warm bass with just enough bite -- it was amazing.  And the work he had done on the action made it so that every piece I played that night was literally the best I had ever played it.  -Paul P.

Thank you, Michael!  You're my tuner/technician for life!

"Endorsement/Recommendation via Linkedin"

Dear Michael,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Recommendation: "The worst thing about moving away from Austin was losing the best piano tuner I could have ever had. We have had our piano tuned a number of times since moving, but I have never been satisfied with the results after hearing how good Michael could make my upright piano sound. His work is stellar. I can't recommend him highly enough, if you care about quality sound and good workmanship."

“On Thu, Oct 10, 2019”
I can NOT thank you enough for the time, experience and dedication you spent fine tuning my piano....I may be hearing  impaired but I have played long enough to know the sound is amazing.  I have been playing (it now) for the last hour...you have brought me more JOY than .....than....it is just heavenly.  Thank you so VERY MUCH for all you did, time spent, etc... your name I will spread like wild fire.....thank you, THANK YOU.....
God’s  Blessings,


*Please view the "Recognized Clientele/Customer Listing" for more reference information (http://www.TuningArtist.com).
Clientele "Who's Who" (http://www.tuningartist.com/index.php?id=23)

Restoration/Repair Techniques (before & after pics)
Call Christian Brothers today @ (512) 302-0101 (http://www.TuningArtist.com)!
*Please use the "Contact" form for more information. Include the following info...
*Your piano (type, brand, age/Serial #, date of last service, etc.).
Rave Review during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival...

...the piano really did sound great at the house concert. The artist, Jim Boggia (http://jimboggia.com/), stayed late after the crowd went home, just to play the piano... he complimented the action, the pitch, and the tuning. His manager/agent was impatient to leave but Jim said he was having too much fun with the piano. "Steve Stubbs" made a professional quality recording of the concert and the piano sounded wonderful.

More raves...

#1. I will have to tell you about my experience on Sunday, Feb. 28th, where i performed Concert Prep. & Tuning for a visiting European Concert Artist, Natalia Valentin (http://www.nataliavalentin.com/site/en-bio-parcours.php), playing a Benefit concert for "Haiti Relief" at Peace Lutheran Church. I initially offered my service "gratis" (which i rarely do, as it is not truly appreciated). The piano sounded/performed so amazing (as it never had in over 20 yrs. according to the members) that they insisted on paying me in full for the service! That IS some appreciation i was not expecting!

#2. After a "partial restoration" & "concert preparation" of their Steinway grand piano, Diane G. wrote:
OK, Michael, here's a direct quote from "Susan Werner" performing at our in-home
concert on Easter Sunday: "Could I have a nicer piano for this gig? Listen to this thing! Perfect!" - Susan Werner

#3. Dear Michael,
Thank you so very much for the really wonderful work you did today on my Kawai
Grand! It is just beautiful-------better than new!-----The problem area, with the
action response that I disliked so much, is now vastly improved. I think the piano
is more like it was years ago now. And the tuning; wow, it really needed it!
I would like for you to tune my Steinway "B" Grand now, as well.

Thank you very much,
J.B. (Julliard Grad.-Piano Teacher/Instructor)

#4. Well, I hate to keep telling you about how great the Steinway is now.
We raised the top a bit, and wow, it is perfect! I have to force myself to
get up from practicing...! I have been playing things that I had forgotten about. It is like getting reacquainted with old friends.
No wonder I didn't ever want to play the Steinway! It had been like a freight train! Now it is more like 15 years ago when it was new.
What a gift you have for the work that you do.
Thank you so much for all the time you spent today getting the piano in such good shape. I really appreciate you and the care and concern that you have to make things right.

Thank you so much.
J.B. (Julliard Grad.-Piano Teacher/Instructor)

#5. Subject: Miracle on Lakeview Blvd.
From: "V.H."

Dear Michael, Thank you!!! I am hearing tones and nuances I have never heard before on this grand and the key action is dreamy... I don't want to quit playing......many thanks for your meticulous work. V.H.

"CitySearch" Online Reviews (http://austin.citysearch.com/profile/34433948/austin_tx/christian_brothers_piano_tuning_and_repair.html#profileTab-reviews)

**Christian Brothers call themselves the "The Michelangelo of Piano Tuning" - and they REALLY ARE!
09/19/2008 Posted by brent2003

Fabulous job tuning our family piano. Michael is who came to our home and spent hours working to get it just right. You can't hire just any piano tuner - they all tune differently. Go with someone who has done this for 4 decades like Christian Brothers.

**Concert quality. 35<40> years experience. Piano tuning is an art - don't trust anyone else!
09/19/2008 Posted by claytons2003

Christian Brothers take a tremendous amount of pride in tuning pianos. CB spent over 4 hours carefully tuning my upright piano and it sounds better than I've heard it ever sound in the 30 years I've owned the piano. They also do restorations and can refer a top notch piano mover if you need it. They get my highest recommendation.

**Outstanding piano tuner and more - Linda ‎ - Jan 19, 2009
Our search for a piano tuner is over. In its nearly ninety year life, our lovely old spinet has had its share of tuners. Christian Brothers, however, has taken this grand old lady to an entirely new level. In addition to providing an absolutely miraculous tuning, our CB technician identified and repaired small (and hard to detect) defects that were interfering with the quality of the sound. The end result is that the piano sounds better than it ever has. We will never hire anyone else.

**A "Magic Touch"
by oblprk at Citysearch

A few years ago, I attended a "sing along Messiah" event in Austin. I was told that Michael from Christian Brothers had tuned the harpsichord that was used in the performance. I have a long musical background both as a strings player and as a singer, and have been around a lot of harpsichords. Let me just say I have never heard any of them sound like this one did that night. Michael had put some very special, hard to describe "magic touch" into the sound of this instrument. The notes had a beautiful extra something that made them really carry and be heard, even in that large, crowded venue. I can only describe it as a "singing" quality I have encountered in other pianos Michael has tuned. I can't imagine why a person would have anyone else tune or work on his/her piano.

**Subject: piano tuner
From: john

piano tuner referral: Christian Brothers Piano tuning.

This guy is the third one we've had to try to tune our piano and he's the only one who got it right! I can't recommend him strongly enough! He may be a little more expensive than the other guys advertising on Craigslist but the job he does is well worth it. If you want excellence then this is the fellow to hire.

Christian Brothers Piano Concert Tuning & Prep.
Piano for 40 hands, 20 players, 10 pianos!

"What you Get!"...
In a Nutshell- Unsurpassed Excellence & Quality Workmanship, which means...
1. "Concert Artist Quality" Tuning Results & Outcomes for every Piano!
2. Unsurpassed "Pitch Correction & Stabilization" techniques & countermeasures
3. Instant "Ear Training"... Even the "deaf" have been able to hear, as well as, those having no musical conception, experience, or aptitude!
4. A "standard of excellence" so refined that even the Pro-Concert-Artists are stunned & amazed to "hear things they have never before heard" in the sounds of their music. This is not more than you need, but more than you have ever been given or served!
5. A piano which is Exciting, Inspiring, and Energizing for all to "Hear" and play!
6. Action Touch-Response is improved as a result of "Tuning Technique" alone! ... However, simple mechanical adjustments are needed to account for normal wear after/during "break-in" time, as well as, other ageing & climatic cyclical factors.
7. Complete/Full "Customer Service"... Tuning alone is only "partial" service (comparable to gas in your car)! Customer "NO-Service" is the "order-of-the-day" for the lifetime of most pianos, as most "tuners" cannot/will-not offer/perform any Diagnostic Action Services which are required for every/all pianos regardless of age, or brand (new or used).

* Best "Bang-for-the-Buck!" - Here's the "math" in understanding the Time, Energy, Technique, and Workmanship required for the "true" desired/expected "Outcome/Product"...
1. "Stage II" Quality Tuning takes 2 hrs. (equivalent to 4-5 tunings without predictive "state-of-the-art" technology). "Stage III" Quality Tuning takes 3 hrs. if "pitch correction" is required, as well.
2. Final "Checks" are made to verify & confirm all "expectations & results" including perfect "Temperament," unisons & octaves for "A Perfect Scale of Optimized Overtone Alignment."

Included with every "Tuning Service"...
1. Key cleaning with "Cory" Key-Brite
2. Special Treatment of "Agraffs, V-bars, Capo & Capo D'astro bars with "Protek" (Exclusive Secret Technique/Procedure virtually eliminates "string breakage" while enabling maximum Tuning Stability/Quality)
3. Free Consultation & Basic Inspections

Actually doing the “impossible” everyday‼️ In truth, many times the “Impossible” is simply doing what no one else is willing, able, or competent to do! Now consider the truly excellent craftsmanship of the “Master Craftsman”... this is “virtuosic” accomplishment impossible for most anyone else.

Serving Central Texas Area (including)...
Bee Cave
Canyon Lake
Castle Hills
Cedar Park
Copperas Cove
Fort Hood
Granite Shoals
Harker Heights
Horseshoe Bay
Johnson City
La Grange
Lago Vista
Leon Valley
Liberty Hill
Marble Falls
New Braunfels
Round Rock
San Antonio
San Marcos
Sun City
West Lake
Ex. "PTG" Piano Technicians Guild Member

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